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6 Reasons Test Automation is a Game-changer for IT

Test automation is a game changer

In today’s fast-paced market, the only way to compete effectively is by making your IT more effective. Accelerating your software delivery while not compromising on quality is the first step. The primary bottleneck for speeding-up software delivery is manual testing. Be it tedious testing processes, longer test cycles, or failed efforts to keep pace with the ever-changing IT ecosystem, manual testing poses various challenges. Test automation is the solution. Read further to know why test automation is a game-changer for IT. 

Test Automation Capabilities for IT
Test Automation Capabilities for IT

1. Higher Quality  

The test results’ accuracy depends on the expertise and exposure a tester has to the technology and business application. Inconsistency in the same, along with generic human errors, impacts the quality of test results. Test Automation requires minimal human intervention and assures high accuracy.   

Yet another challenge that test automation addresses is test coverage. Manual testing of end-to-end applications is repetitive and tedious. Unlike risk-based manual testing that only tests the core and critical changes, test automation enables the team to test the entire breadth of the application repeatedly. This improves the overall effectiveness and quality and saves any defect slippages into production. 

2. Faster Time to Market 

A path-breaking idea reaching the market at the right time is as important as the idea itself. Not to mention is the significance of generating additional revenues associated with it. Manual testing eats up a considerable amount of time during the application development cycle, especially when repetitive, iterative, and end-to-end testing is involved.   

Test automation executes test cases faster, repetitively (if needed), making end-to-end testing seamless. What took days or weeks takes only a few hours with test automation. This ensures a shorter application development cycle, improves release frequency, and faster time to market. With Avo’s test automation solution, one of our customers’ products reached the market 5x faster. 

3. Decreased Costs 

One of the significant reasons why manual testing is an expensive affair is the number of development reworks and the subsequent timely and continuous testing involved. This inefficiency in manual testing shoots up the overall maintenance costs as bugs don’t get thoroughly tested before their release into the production environment. Test automation helps identify and fix those bugs before deploying the changes, thereby reducing the project’s overall cost.  

The below image shows that an organization would spend as high as $592 for 15 hours of bug-fixing efforts at the post-release level1, and this number would be much lower if bug-fixes were identified ahead in their development cycle. Can you imagine the effort and costs involved annually? 

Costs of fixing a bug in various stages of Product Development
Costs of fixing a bug in various stages of Product Development

4. Faster Feedback 

Feedback cycles are crucial to the development team. Test automation offers instant feedback due to quicker test/retest turnarounds, which helps developers improvise the product iteratively before it reaches the market. This further improves the team co-ordination, to eventually provide a delightful user experience and higher customer satisfaction. In the long-run, test automation improves the brand-image and promotes higher customer-retention.   

5. Improved Productivity 

More than half of the test cases executed during manual testing are repetitive2. This fact is proof enough that your productive hours are taken over by mundane tasks that do not put your potential to best use. Test automation frees up this time and enables you to focus on critical tasks that are more rewarding.  

6. Increased Availability 

As against manual testing, test automation doesn’t limit being available for only 8 hours a day. It is available round the clock, letting the team schedule test cases while away and assess the reports later.   

Avo’s Test automation offers expansive test coverage (up to 93%), enabling you to run thousands of test cases in a quick span. This translates to an increased number of features that can be tested in every cycle, improving the application’s overall quality. Imagine having 1400+ pre-built keywords to help you create test cases on the fly – giving you ample time to focus on improving the functionality. 

With organizations innovating and scaling up at light’s speed, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to opt for a robust test automation solution. With Avo Automation by your side, your modern and dynamic IT ecosystem can deliver exceptional quality faster than ever.    

Don’t hesitate to see it yourself. Sign up for a demo with one of our experts. 

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