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4 Things to Know Before You Start Mobile App Automation Testing

Mobile App Testing

Mobile applications play a huge role in influencing your audience’s perspectives. There’s no way you can roll out a bug-ridden app that crashes in the blink of an eye and expect the users to have an outstanding customer experience. After all, the market is saturated with mobile applications serving similar purposes. To stand out, your app shouldn’t just offer basic functionality. It needs to work as expected, be user-friendly, scalable, and secure. Mobile app automation testing across different parameters can ensure that the users love your app.

While manual testing can be tedious and error-prone, mobile testing automation solutions can provide a more robust testing environment. They ramp up the efficiency of your tests, reduce person-hours and labor, cut down costs, and allow you to launch your application on an accelerated timeline.

We’ve condensed four different factors that you need to consider before you start your mobile testing automation. Keep in mind that these factors can make or break your strategy.

Key things to consider before starting mobile app testing automation 

Defining the scope of the tests

Without defining the scope and coverage of the tests, your mobile test automation strategy will be no better than a blind shot in the dark. Many of the tests are complex and require properly laid down guidelines to function effectively.

Make sure your test scope isn’t limited to just functionality. Your focus should also be on areas such as memory usage, device compatibility, and database. 

Choosing the right test solution to work with

The solution you choose will have a massive impact on your development cycle and delivery time. An unsuitable solution can cause unsolicited delays without guaranteeing that your application will be in solid working condition.

Before you finalize your test automation solution, look for the crucial features such as:

  1. No-code test automation
  2. Cross-platform compatibility
  3. Parallel testing
  4. Code reusability
  5. Multiple device testing compatibilities
  6. Easy integration with other tools
  7. Multiple framework support
  8. Intuitive reporting

While mapping out the solution’s capabilities with your testing goals, do not forget to work out the final costs, including overheads and resource allocation costs. You do not want to be stuck with a pricey solution with poor ROI.

Checking the adaptability of test automation solution 

The solution that you choose should be compatible with the latest test practices and frameworks. It should also be able to integrate seamlessly with other tools. A comprehensive automation solution will perform equally well across browsers, platforms, and devices. So often, companies end up overhauling their entire IT infrastructure to integrate an automation tool. This adds to the overall costs, eats into the company’s bottom line, and reduces ROI. But a futuristic, well-designed solution negates this issue. 

Having a proof of concept (POC) 

A POC is an underrated factor that most companies ignore when beginning their mobile app test automation journey. A proof of concept can effectively nullify most risks associated with test automation. Once you build a POC, you can document all your requirements and map them to your preferred automation solution. This will clarify what tests you’ll need to run, what frameworks you need to use, and whether or not your automation solution will support all of them.

Test automation is crucial to ensure timely and high-quality delivery of your mobile applications. But without the right solution, achieving desired results could be a challenge. Avo Assure offers all the capabilities for you to achieve end-to-end, no-code test automation. It enables you to auto-generate tests, rapidly build and scale test cases, visualize the testing landscape, eliminate errors, and expand test coverage with its intuitive, powerful, and resilient platform.

Avo Assure has helped enterprises reimagine their QA process. For instance, Avo Assure has helped a Fortune 500 manufacturer get to the market 5X faster.

To learn more about what Avo Assure can do for you, book a demo today.

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