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Unleash Testing Excellence with
Avo Automation + LambdaTest Integration

Avo Assure, an intelligent test automation platform now integrates with LambdaTest, an AI-powered mobile apps and cross-browser testing cloud. This integration enables easy testing and delivers exceptional user experiences across all devices and browsers

Unique Capability:
Cross-browser and Cross-OS testing with Parallel Execution

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring seamless cross-browser and cross-OS compatibility presents a formidable challenge for development teams worldwide. Traditional testing methodologies often struggle to keep pace with the ever-expanding array of platforms and devices, leading to bottlenecks in test execution and deployment.

Enter Avo Assure and LambdaTest, two pioneering test automation platforms designed to address these challenges head-on. With their advanced parallel execution capabilities, these platforms empower teams to conduct comprehensive testing across diverse browsers and operating systems simultaneously, drastically reducing testing cycles and accelerating time-to-market.

At the forefront of this innovation is HyperExecute, an AI-powered test orchestration cloud that revolutionizes test execution speed and scalability. Boasting a remarkable 70% increase in performance compared to traditional cloud grids, HyperExecute sets a new standard for efficiency in test automation, seamlessly integrating with all major operating systems, programming languages, and frameworks.

By embracing these cutting-edge solutions, organizations can transcend the limitations of conventional testing approaches and usher in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in software quality assurance. As thought leaders, it is imperative to champion such transformative technologies to drive excellence and innovation in cross-browser testing, ensuring robust and flawless user experiences across all platforms.

Easy Web/Mobile App Test Automation Across Devices and Browsers

Simplified Test Case Creation

By integrating Avo Assure’s intelligent, no-code test automation platform with LambdaTest’s cross-browser/cross-OS testing cloud, teams can streamline the entire testing lifecycle. From creating test cases effortlessly to executing them efficiently and maintaining them seamlessly, this collaboration simplifies every aspect of testing for web and mobile applications.

Real Device Cloud

With LambdaTest’s real device cloud, users can test their apps and websites in authentic user environments and conditions. Whether it’s public websites or locally-hosted applications, this integration enables live testing on a wide range of devices and browsers, eliminating the need for in-house device labs.

Scalable Testing Infrastructure

Scalable Testing Infrastructure

Enterprises can now leverage LambdaTest’s extensive device and browser coverage without the hassle of maintaining in-house device labs. This collaboration provides access to a scalable testing infrastructure, allowing teams to test their apps at any scale and ensure compatibility across diverse platforms.

Automated Cross-Browser Testing

By combining the capabilities of Avo Assure and LambdaTest, teams can automate cross-browser testing across various operating systems and browsers effortlessly. This integration enables seamless testing across 3000+ real browsers, enhancing test coverage and ensuring consistent performance across different platforms.

Enhanced Test Efficiency

Enhanced Test Efficiency

The collaboration between Avo Assure and LambdaTest brings the power of AI to test automation, enabling teams to improve test efficiency and coverage significantly. From pre-built test templates to AI-powered test analytics, this partnership offers advanced capabilities that drive transformational outcomes for software testing.

Comprehensive CI/CD Integration

Avo Assure and LambdaTest seamlessly integrate with CI/CD pipelines, offering comprehensive support for continuous testing workflows. Teams can benefit from “no-switch” end-to-end testing, ensuring a smooth transition from development to deployment without switching between different testing environments. This collaboration provides a holistic testing solution that aligns seamlessly with modern software development practices.

Unlock Seamless Testing Excellence: Overcome Every Hurdle with Avo Automation + LambdaTest Integration


Fragmented Testing Environments

Businesses struggle with managing diverse testing environments for web and mobile applications, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in testing outcomes.

Limited Device and Browser Coverage:

Enterprises often face challenges in accessing a wide range of devices and browsers for comprehensive testing, hindering their ability to ensure compatibility across platforms.

Complex Test Case Creation and Maintenance:

The complexity of creating and maintaining test cases manually slows down the testing process and increases the risk of errors, impacting the quality of software releases.

Scaling Testing Infrastructure:

Scaling testing infrastructure to meet evolving business needs and increasing test demands poses a significant challenge, particularly for organizations without in-house device labs or cloud-based.

Inefficient Cross-Browser Testing:

Conducting cross-browser testing across multiple operating systems and browsers manually consumes valuable time and resources, hampering the agility of development and release cycles.

Lack of AI-Powered Testing Capabilities:

Businesses often lack AI-powered testing capabilities, resulting in suboptimal test efficiency, coverage, and accuracy, ultimately affecting the reliability of software applications.

Empowering Business Agility: Drive Growth Through Seamless Testing Innovation with Avo Automation + LambdaTest Integration

Discover the combined power of test automation and cross-browser/cross-OS testing. Discover Avo Assure and LambdaTest

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