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Codeless test automation for your business processes within SAP, powered by AI


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Avo for SAP

Accelerate your automation testing for various SAP modules, such as FICO, Material Management, TR, Sales and Distribution, and more, using Avo Automation’s avant-garde AI-driven automation system. This will ensure a risk-free migration from ECC to S/4HANA without any hassle.

Enterprise-level Testing

Enterprise-level Testing

  • Tailor-made solutions for modern businesses
  • Choose from pre-built test cases for SAP to make testing faster
  • Autonomous test creation for all your business processes using SAP
  • Self-healing element identifiers and prioritization capability
Smart Execution​

End-to-end Testing

  • FFrom test creation to smart execution and maintenance, Avo is your one-stop solution.
  • Fix bugs and defects across components seamlessly with MindMap.
Test Maintenance

Easy Migration to S/4HANA

  • Advanced automation testing for risk-free migration to S/4HANA.
  • Stay on track with your migration and implementation plan with Avo Assure.

Benefits of Avo Assure:

Seamless Continuous Testing

Seamless Continuous Testing

Streamlined with SAP Products

Pre-built cases for different workflows

Pre-built cases for different workflows

4x More Productivity

4x More Productivity

Leading Enterprises Across All Industries Rely on Us

Avo Advantages: Enterprise-Grade Testing

With Avo Automation, you can test different SAP applications in one place. Its pioneering capabilities make your enterprise-grade testing easy and quick.


Coherent working of different business functions like Sales, Distribution, and Human Resources resting on SAP.



Innovating through S/4HANA made it easy and seamless.

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori

Top-quality SAP-based apps for your consumers are made flawless.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors

Test your SAP SuccessFactors applications with Avo Automation to make your human-capital management system more efficient.



Make spend management smoother by testing SAP ARIBA faster with Avo Assure.

Do a test run before you commit.

Rapid test creation and minimal upkeep with a visual-based model

Rapid test creation and minimal upkeep with a visual-based model:

  • Experience hassle-free maintenance with automated dependency impact assessment.
  • Stay in sync with SAP’s ongoing releases and updates.
  • Dive into the SAP Universe, where business processes are vividly represented within your test assets.
  • Harness the potential of reusable test cases intricately connected to SAP application workflows.

Codeless, AI-driven Testing For SAP

  • Handle SAP variables such as iframes, trees, and more across different SAP products.
  • Completely no-code take on validation logic for SAP objects.
  • Improvised object identifiers and prioritization capabilities.
  • Avo Assure’s support with all the latest SAP upgrades.
Codeless, AI-driven Testing For SAP
Continuous Testing and CI in sync with 
SAP launches

Continuous Testing and CI in sync with SAP launches

  • Achieve comprehensive coverage analysis and traceability for intelligent test planning and monitoring.
  • Shift-left and continuous testing enabled by in-sprint automation.
  • Supports SAP test planning based on risk and defects and tracking test suites.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your CI pipeline to automate regression testing processes.

What can you achieve with Avo?

With Avo’s advanced automation testing, you can build reusable test cases with over 95% test coverage for business processes within Salesforce.

Expedite SAP launches 
7x faster

Expedite SAP launches 7x faster

95% Test Coverage

>95% Test Coverage

Increased Productivity
by 4x

Increased Productivity by 4x

Reduced Defects
to 1%

Reduced Defects to 1%

Get started with automated testing for SAP with Avo Assure.