SAP automation testing simplified with Avo Automation


Scale your SAP application testing with Avo Assure

Do more with your SAP applications by rapidly scaling end-to-end test automation across heterogeneous platforms.

Save 50% of testing time and effort while migrating from ECC to S/4HANA and ensuring continuous performance for your applications.

Handle testing like a pro with Avo.

Modernizing software testing

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Document processes easily

Use Avo Discover to capture and document business processes with a click of a button.

Once documented, you can easily envision and prioritize processes for test automation.

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Drive testing like a pro

Use Avo Assure MINDMAP capability to visualize your test plans and identify exactly where you are in the process flow.

Reduce testing time by 75% by integrating a resilient approach with Avo Assure SAP Test Accelerator that offers hundreds of pre-built SAP test cases.

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Stay ahead of the curve

Let Avo Assure help you deliver risk-free and superior quality business applications by providing a sustainable solution for testing:

  1. End-to-end continuous performance
  2. Detect risks early
  3. Release quality applications with confidence
Jane Possell
SVP and CIO, CNA Insurance

“By turning to Avo and its test automation platform, we are well on our way to successfully achieving an automation rate of 10x and deploying test automation for 22 of our large business applications within a few months. Avo is proving to be the best choice for enterprise automation.”

Do twice as much with SAP


Achieve up to 90% test automation coverage

Generate end-to-end tests without writing a single line of code and run those tests repeatedly with minimal time and effort to ensure maximum coverage.


Achieve more
than 2x

Re-use pre-built test cases to save time and increase productivity. The intuitive UI enables business users to carry out test automation, reducing the burden on the IT team.



Test applications 85% faster with zero coding effort and cross-platform compatibility


Save upwards of 30%
of your automation

After every release, automatically trigger SAP test cases to enable continuous testing. Add to this visualization of your test scenarios and parallel processing ability, and you have the recipe to accelerate your automation effort.