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Empowering Connections: Crafting an Inclusive Hub for Collaboration

We aim to provide our users – our esteemed community members with a vibrant and inclusive online platform that serves as a central hub for connection, collaboration, and empowerment.

We envision a forum where each Avo user can come together to share knowledge, support each other, and foster a collaborative environment to learn and grow professionally. Avo Community’s virtual space transcends geographical boundaries and focuses on cultivating culture where its members freely exchange ideas, explore opportunities, and engage in meaningful discussions for the future of test automation with Avo!

Wings of Avo

3000+ Community Members from almost 400 Organizations across the globe!


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Memories in motion
A Journey through Avo Community's Initiatives

Avo Community - Program Highlights

As a company deeply committed to fostering meaningful connections and enriching experiences within our Avo community, we’ve embarked on an inspiring journey over the past four months. Be it technical marathons, meetups, felicitations, or live contests, presenting to you all a glimpse into the diverse range of engaging events and activities we’ve organized so far…