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AI-Driven Test Automation 
for Oracle Applications

Use Avo Assure, a Certified Oracle Partner, to reduce risk and boost quality of Oracle applications like EBS and Cloud Fusion. Avo’s AI-powered, test automation platform helps implement continuous quality assurance throughout the Oracle ecosystem and beyond

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Avo for Oracle

Change the way you test your Oracle applications with Avo Assure’s contemporary test automation. Powered by AI, enabled by the Oracle Cloud integration, Avo Assure helps you stay up-to-date with new product launches and upgrades easily.

Build Tests with Computer Vision

Build Tests with Computer Vision

  • Create autonomous test scenarios with Avo Genius, a smart recorder
  • Use Avo’s state-of-the-art Design Studio to generate modules that work in tandem with Avo Genius’s test cases
  • With 1500+ keywords, create test cases from the pre-built library to enhance reusability
Test Maintenance

Test Maintenance

  • With Impact Analysis, making changes to your product just got better. Accurately track, test and review your cases to know the effect of every change on the rest of the system at a click
  • All operations at a glance with continuous accurate reports and dashboard
Test Maintenance

Smart Execution

  • Scalable execution performed on cloud with Elastic Grid Execution
  • Parallel testing to help you test multiple workflows at once
  • Streamlined CI/CD pipeline to ensure smoother continuous testing

Benefits of Avo Assure:

End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing

Shift-left testing with In-sprint Automation

Shift-left testing with Insprint Automation

Accessibility testing to make your applications inclusive

Accessibility testing to make your applications inclusive

Intuitive UIUX that’s easy to use

Intuitive UI/UX that’s easy to use

Leading Enterprises Across all Industries Rely on Us

All-in-One Oracle Testing with Avo

Ensure superior quality of all your Oracle applications with Avo Assure. Test different functions within Oracle seamlessly with AI-powered test automation. Choose from a library of over 1500+ pre-built test cases for EBS and Cloud Fusion for faster testing

Oracle EBS

Modern business solutions for order management, service capital management, human capital management and more need to be well-tested and accessible for everyone. 

With Avo Assure’s cutting-edge AI-drive test automation, your Oracle EBS applications can be defect-free and easy to use.

Oracle Cloud Fusion

Use the Oracle Cloud for faster testing that’s accessible on-the-go. Empower business users, customers as well as stakeholders with business applications that are quick and inclusive.

Avo Assure ensures flawless functioning of all your applications on Oracle: from supply chain management to human capital management.

End-to-end Testing

End-to-End Automated Testing

Avo Assure is the only platform enabling you to scale testing across Oracle Cloud Fusion, EBS, Netsuite, Peoplesoft and all other Oracle applications.

Test your end-to-end business processes across all your applications with just one platform that seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline.

Ready to automate testing 
for Oracle?

Validate Your End-to-End Business Processes with Avo's AI-Powered Test Automation

  • Changes across dependencies updated effortlessly with easy maintenance
  • Stay up-to-date with latest Oracle upgrades with Avo Assure’s Oracle Cloud integration
  • Let your test assets mirror your business processes with Oracle Universe
  • Harness the potential of reusable components finely tuned to Oracle’s dynamic application flow

Avo Supports:

Avo Supports

Self-Healing and AI-Driven Object Interaction for Oracle

  • Improvised object identifiers and prioritization capabilities with self-healing
  • Effortlessly manage Oracle objects, including embedded iframes and trees, without writing a single line of code
  • A complete code-free solution for creating validation logic for dynamic objects
  • Robust automation ensured through impact analysis, which helps you identify objects as the application evolves
  • Avo Assure’s object library seamlessly integrates with automated Oracle updates
Self-healing and AI-based object interaction for Oracle

Intuitive Testing: Fast Execution, Debugging and Tracking

  • Cloud-enabled solution so you can access your processes on-the-go
  • Use Smart Schedule to run tests during non-business hours to help ensure better productivity
  • Regular reports and dashboard to have all your functions at the click of a button
  • Parallel testing to enable you to run multiple tests at once
Intuitive Testing Fast execution, de-bugging and tracking

What you can Achieve with Avo:

95% Test Coverage

>95% Test Coverage

4x Employee Productivity

90% Reduction In Regression Cycles

Reduced Defects
to 1%

Reduced Defects to <1%

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