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Intelligent Test Automation for Your Business Processes with Avo Assure

The AI-Driven Test Automation Platform that helps you automate your testing process, accelerate your release cycles, and deliver high-quality software at speed
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Rapid Test Case Creation

Rapid Test Case Creation

Avo Assure’s no-code test case creation makes it easy to create test cases for any application, regardless of your technical expertise. You can use Avo’s Design Studio to visually create your test cases, or you can use Avo Genius to record your test steps as you navigate through your application.

Continuous Test Execution

Continuous Test Execution

Avo Assure’s parallel test execution capabilities allow you to run your tests simultaneously, which can significantly reduce your test execution time. Avo Assure also supports distributed testing, so you can run your tests on multiple machines to further improve your test execution performance.

Efficient Test Maintenance

Efficient Test Maintenance

Avo Assure’s intelligent test maintenance capabilities make it easy to maintain your test cases as your application evolves. Avo Assure can automatically detect and update your test cases when changes are made to your application, which can save you a significant amount of time and effort

Powered by AI

Avo Assure’s AI capabilities help you to automate more of your testing process and achieve even better test results.

  • Test case generation: automatically generate test cases for your application
  • Self-healing: element identifiers and prioritization capability
  • Impact Analysis: identify the test cases that are affected by every update in your applications
Test Your End-to-End Business Processes

Test Your End-to-End Business Processes

Avo Assure supports end-to-end business process testing across web, mobile, mainframe, and cloud applications. This means that you can use Avo Assure to test your entire business process, from start to finish, without having to switch between different testing tools

Enable QA Within Your DevOps

Enable QA Within Your DevOps

Avo Assure seamlessly integrates with all your ALM, CI/CD, bug tracking, and collaboration platforms making it easy for your teams to efficiently test applications at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline

Expedite Testing with Pre-Built Test Templates

Expedite Testing with Pre-Built Test Templates

Avo Assure provides a vast library of pre-built test templates for Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, and other technologies. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort when creating test cases for your applications

What Makes Avo Assure the Ultimate Test Automation Platform

What Makes Avo Assure the Ultimate Test Automation Platform?

  • Increased test coverage: Avo Assure can help you to achieve higher test coverage than you could with manual testing alone
  • Reduced test execution time: Avo Assure’s parallel and distributed test execution capabilities can significantly reduce your test execution time
  • Improved test quality: Avo Assure’s AI capabilities can help you to identify and fix defects earlier in the development process
  • Reduced cost of testing: Avo Assure can help you to reduce the cost of testing by automating your testing process and reducing the need for manual testing
  • Collaboration and Integration: Collaborate seamlessly with your devel opment and QA teams, and integrate Avo Assure with your favorite tools and DevOps processes

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What Our Customers Say

At CNA, Avo Automation has been the cornerstone of our heterogeneous test automation coverage spanning web, desktop, and mainframe. ….

Tom Kottwitz

Assistant Vice President for IT Quality Engineering and Governance at CNA Insurance

By turning to Avo and its Discover and Assure solutions for process discovery and test automation, we have improved software quality tremendously.


Fortune 500 company headquarted in the US

This enterprise software testing tool is so far the best tool in terms of performance and quality. This tool has enhanced our testing process.