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Who we are

Avo Automation came out of stealth mode in 2020. Ever since then, we are on a mission to bring Continuous Quality Assurance to reality.  An industry-leading expert in test automation, is driven towards revolutionizing how enterprises approach quality assurance.

Our AI-driven, no-code platform excels at delivering continuous quality assurance across key business processes, covering 200+ technologies. Additionally, efficient test data management and machine learning capabilities of our platform enable teams to improve quality, conduct efficient data checks, and reduce time to market.

At Avo, we have a team of over 120 professionals focusing on continuous innovation with a majority of our talent focusing on R&D to ensure we are always leading the way for our clients. Avo’s influence transcends geographical borders, despite our origins in Cincinnati, Ohio. We also have offices in Texas, London, and Singapore, and our major operational base is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Our Values

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Passion for Excellence

No feat is too challenging for us. We are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and driven. We are determined to do what it takes to make Avo customers successful.

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Value Creation

Our stakeholders are the bedrock of Avo. Everything we do, we do for them. By being committed to their success, we can achieve recurring prosperity for all. We strive for stakeholder success.

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Human-Centered Product Design

We are a team of Agile Avozens who are quick and thoughtful in all our actions. Our agility allows us to be responsive to market needs, so we’re able to deliver products ahead of the curve.

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Everything we do is inspired by our mission to liberate human potential. We are a community of highly agile, ethical, and diverse talent. We design automation to work for people as they grow and evolve.

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Fun at Work

We have fun together. No matter the demographics, we embrace each other as colleagues and seek enjoyment from what we can learn from each other. We are #OneAvo.

Our leadership team

Vidur Amin

Chief Executive Officer

Shankaranarayana Adiga

Chief Technology Officer

Faisal Hassan

Chief Revenue Officer

Sanal Nair

Chief Marketing Officer &
Head of Global Partnerships

Santosh Chitriki

Head Of Solutions Engineering / CSM

Himadri Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Manish Jha

Head of Product

Abhishek Shukla

Head of Global Education, Partner Enablement and User Community

Our advisors

Parth Amin

Chairman, SLK Group

Samir Mitra

Avo Board Member & Advisor Chief Executive Officer of Cura

Sanjay Shah

Avo Board Member & Advisor Managing Director of iManage

Vaibhav Patil

Strategic Advisor to CEO

Avo Partners

We’re stronger together

We understand the power of collaboration and the strength it brings to our mission. We actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to excellence in software quality and innovation. Through strategic alliances, we aim to combine our expertise and resources to drive positive change in the software testing industry. If your organization is interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, please get in touch. Together, we can achieve greater heights and empower more businesses to excel in software quality. Join us in shaping the future of quality assurance.
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Leading Enterprises Across All Industries Rely on Us

Avo Careers

Join the Avo team

Our diverse and skilled team stands as our greatest strength. Our goal is to empower businesses to attain excellence in software quality through the provision of innovative and dependable test automation solutions. If you’re looking to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, you’ve found the ideal place.
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