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CNA Insurance Improves Automation Rate by 10x and Enables DevOps for Rapid Delivery in Just 2 Months

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The Industry


The Challenge

The bank wanted to upgrade its existing loan management system from risk-based to a fully-functional platform without negatively impacting its customers.

The Solution

Avo Assure, an innovative test automation solution ensured 100% automation within 2 months enabling successful migration.


  • Application delivered at a 2x faster rate
  • Zero defects post-migration
  • 96% decrease in post-migration testing time


CNA Insurance is the 7th largest commercial property and casualty insurer in the United States. To modernize IT for the future, they wanted to transform from a project-centric delivery model to a product-centric delivery model. Their primary focus was – more significant innovation through agile development, improvements to the customer experience, and faster time to market.

However, the current application development and testing processes were unstable and fraught with production issues, impeding transformation. The primary challenges were:

The testing methodology was primarily manual, making test results vulnerable to human errors. It was also cumbersome and time-consuming, delaying the overall project timeline.

Test coverage was inadequate across the entire IT landscape.

A few applications were tested using automation tools. However, the coverage was unsatisfactory and required the team to have extensive coding skills.

Poorly tested applications led to higher production defects. This necessitated the consistent availability of a support team and respective infrastructure.

Upon carefully considering these setbacks, the team wanted to automate their testing process, enabling a seamless transformation to a product-centric, super-agile application development approach.


The team implemented two solutions: Avo Assure, an intelligent test automation solution and Avo Discover, a no-code process documentation solution in a two-step approach

1. Optimize application testing end-to-end

2. Increase application test coverage to enable rapid automation with low maintenance

Avo helped achieve the business objectives in the following way:

  • Avo Discover thoroughly documented the end-to-end business processes. This made it easier to prioritize the processes for test automation. The captured processes were then imported into the Avo Assure test automation solution.
  • The team identified 15,000+ scenarios across applications, comprising over 50,000 test cases fit for automation. These included:
    • 300+ test cases supporting Mainframe applications
    • 800+ test cases supporting desktop applications
    • 2000+ test cases spanning more than one platform (web+desktop/DB/web services/ Mainframes, ERPS, etc.)
    • The rest were web applications, with some involving complex document validations.
  • Avo Assure enabled the team to automate testing across these diverse applications with a 100% no-code and
    heterogeneous approach.
  • Avo Assure also helped the team automate 6–10 legacy applications hosted on operating systems like Windows
  • Regressions cycles shortened, owing to the parallel execution capability.
    • This reduced the infrastructure requirement from 75–125 systems to just 25 systems.
    • It also expedited the execution time from 250 test cases/day/application to 627 test cases/day/application.
  • Enabled CI/CD implementation with Jenkins, Concourse for DevOps, and Zephyr for test management
  • Achieving in-sprint automation resulted in on-time delivery in each release, paving the way for successful and faster time-to-market. The optimization also reduced testing cycles by 50-60%. This empowered the team to transition to product-centric agile development.
  • Thorough testing also meant stable, higher-quality applications in production, which improved the end-user experience.
  • The solutions enabled rapid automation for the identified test scenarios within 9 months.
  • With no-code capabilities, Avo products made it easier and faster for the team to automate application testing.
    This, in turn, gave them the freedom to focus on strategic projects.



  • Avo solutions facilitated a super agile product-centric development approach
  • The cost of quality was brought down from 34% to 22% of the technology delivery cost
  • Defects in product came down from 12% to less than 1%
  • Avo Discover expedited the build-out of test automation with rapid process documentation
  • Avo Assure improved the automation rate by 10x within just a few months, unlike the lengthy cycles
    of existing tools
  • Infrastructure requirements reduced by 80%
  • Test execution time decreased by 60%
  • Testing cycle reduced by 60%
  • Business-critical applications became automation test-ready in weeks
  • By setting up a system of continuous testing and, a more agile approach, the deployment model was
    DevOps ready
Jane Possell

“By turning to Avo and its test automation platform, we are well on our way to successfully achieving automation rate of 10x and deploying test automation for 22 of our large business applications within a few months. Avo is proving to be the best choice for enterprise automation.”

Jane Possell

SVP and CIO, CNA Insurance

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