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Large Fortune 500 Bank Saves 63% Costs With Test Automation

Bank achieves cost savings



The Industry


The Challenge

The bank wanted to roll out new features for its online banking application faster but manual testing bogged down the team’s efficiency and delayed the release time.

The Solution

Avo Assure, an innovative test automation solution, ensured 100% automation while eliminating the defect slippages.


  • 100% test coverage
  • 63% cost savings
  • Test execution time reduced to 3 person-days
  • End-to-end test automation.


This bank offers its services through an efficient online banking application apart from its 780 branches across the US.

The web and mobile applications provide one the comfort of carrying out financial transactions at the click of a button.

From transferring funds and making loan/mortgage payments to viewing detailed transaction reports, online banking truly enables one to manage the accounts from anywhere in the world.

To enhance the user experience and equip the users with better functionalities, the bank wanted to roll out new features faster; this meant one release per month.

However, these were the primary challenges in achieving it.

  • Testing new features for the web banking application included testing across the web, mainframe, database, and web services.
  • One cycle of end-to-end testing involved 1500+ test cases across heterogeneous technologies and required approximately 25 person-days of effort.
  • This compelled the team to opt for risk-based testing over the ideal end-to-end testing.
  • Yet another challenge was a niche technology that hampered the seamless execution of testing the application.
  • Although a few applications were tested using test automation tools, they didn’t cover the system’s entire breadth and required manual intervention.


Upon carefully considering the downsides of manual testing, the IT team wanted a test automation solution that could transform the way they tested applications.


Avo Assure, a robust test automation platform that works seamlessly across heterogeneous applications, helped the team achieve the desired results. Here’s how:

  • Avo Assure rapidly automated all the 1500+ test cases in phases to reap maximum benefits in a short span. The most critical and time-consuming test flows were automated first.
  • It enabled the parallel execution of test cases, thereby expediting the testing process and delivering results faster.
  • Avo Assure also facilitated the team to carry out end-to-end testing of applications, at least twice, before rolling out the changes to production, thus preventing any defect leakage.
  • The test cases to execute the niche application were also automated, removing the dependency on manual intervention. This empowered the team to be free to do higher-value tasks like adding newer and better functionalities.



  • Achieved 100% test coverage by executing 1500+ test cases, twice per release as against <100 test cases in case of risk-based testing.
  • Attained 63% cost saving consistently.
  • Reduced test execution time from 25 person-days to 3 person-days.
  • Enabled end-to-end automation of heterogeneous applications.
  • Consistently maintained zero-defect slippages since the implementation of automation.
Leading Financial Institution Delivers Applications 2x Faster with Zero Defects
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