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Any person accessing this website (hereinafter called “User”) and obtaining any software/products will be governed by terms of use as laid out herein. The User acknowledges that when browsing this website, the User has read and understood the terms of usage herein and agrees to be bound by the same. Avo Automation reserves the right to modify or change the contents of this website or the terms of use at any time. Such changes shall be effective upon their publication on the website.


User will have access to Avo Automation website and its contents such as product details, product sheet/brochures, Software to download, documentations, Solution details, partner details, communication/resource areas etc., available on the website.


User shall access the Avo Automation website for its personal and non-commercial purpose. User shall not copy, modify, create derivative work, reproduce, distribute, sell, including any copies thereof, upload any data that infringes third party intellectual property rights, any information, data that is unlawful or objectional and use the website in violation of the applicable laws.


The content, text, images, graphics, data, software, documents and logos contained in this website are the property of Avo Automation and is Proprietary Information of Avo Automation and is subject to copyright protection. Copyright © 2020, Avo Automation. All Rights Reserved.


The User may not copy, distribute, display, download, reproduce, modify, repost, transmit or use any part of the website without the prior written consent of Avo Automation. Any such act may constitute a violation of copyright, trademark, patent or other applicable laws and will give rise to civil or criminal penalties.


Avo Automation reserves the right to monitor the use of the website. However, Avo Automation respects the privacy of the information of the User. Any information of the User will be kept confidential and shall be used only for the business purposes as per the terms of our privacy Policy.


  • All the contents, services or information available on the website are or an “as is” basis and Avo Automation disclaims all warranties whether express or implied, including but not limited to their accuracy, fitness or merchantability for any particular purpose. Avo Automation will not be liable for any claims or damages on this account to any User.
  • Avo Automation does not take any responsibility for the contents of any links to any third-party websites that may be provided on the website. The User is required to read and understand the terms of usage of the respective website and shall be governed by the same. Avo Automation shall not be liable for any damages or penalties arising out of the usage of such websites.


  • Avo Automation shall not be in any way liable to any User for any damages that maybe caused to any computer, software or other equipment on account of any download of the contents of the website.
  • Avo Automation shall have the right to be indemnified against all suits, actions, costs and damages that may arise on account of the misuse or misrepresentation of the contents of the website by any user.


  • Avo Automation may send Users communications by way of email or newsletters. The Users shall have the option to discontinue receiving communication by way of email or newsletters from us. To discontinue or unsubscribe to receiving such communications, please use the “Unsubscribe” button in such communication.


  • Avo Automation software/products (“Avo Software”) available for download or accessed through cloud-based subscription is subject to (a) creation of user account by User by registering with accurate User information; and (b) applicable license agreement, as set forth in the Avo Automation website. By downloading or subscribing to the Avo Software or by clicking on ‘I agree’ button, the User will be bound by the terms of the applicable license agreement. User will be unable to download or access the Avo Software without first accepting the applicable license agreement.
  • User shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of User password and account and the usage of the account. User shall User shall notify Avo Automation immediately in the event of any unauthorized use of the User account.


  • User may download trial version of the Avo Software from our website by registering required User details. Trail license shall be valid for a period fourteen (14) days from the date of download and be governed by the terms and conditions of the trial license agreement.
  • The license terms of onprem download shall be as mutually agreed between the parties in the sales order to be entered into between User and Avo Automation, which shall include all the commercial terms of use including but not limited to the number, type, duration, cost of License (“Sales Order”).
  • The Trial License shall be free of cost for a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of download. Please contact AVO Automation team for License fee for paid versions of Avo Software.
  • The Avo Software can be downloaded or subscribed only for the use by the User and shall not distribute, reproduce, copy or perform any such acts not permitted under the applicable license agreement will give rise to civil or criminal penalties and shall be liable for prosecution.
  • Avo Automation shall execute, perform or otherwise make available the Software electronically over the Internet and shall deliver the applicable license keys and/or login instructions to the email address(es) provided in the Sales Order. User is responsible for installation of any downloadable Software, and User acknowledges that Avo Automation has no further delivery obligation with respect to downloadable Software after delivery of the license keys. Services may be provided on-site or remotely as specified in the Sales Order.
  • The User shall use the Software in accordance with the licensing terms of the applicable license agreement.
  • User shall not directly or indirectly: (i) copy, modify, create derivative work; (ii), transfer or distribute the Avo Software (electronically or otherwise); (iii) reverse assemble, reverse engineer, reverse compile, or otherwise translate the Software; (iv) sublicense or assign the license for the Avo Software; (v) remove, delete or alter any content, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights from the Avo Software including any copies thereof; (vi) use the Software in violation of the applicable laws; (vii) upload any Customer Data that infringes third party intellectual property rights, any information, data or Customer Data that is unlawful or objectional; (viii) not introduce any virus into the Software; (ix) use any device or application that interferes with the performance of the Cloud Services or tamper or breach the security of the Cloud Services.
  • Except as provided in the applicable license agreement, Avo Automation disclaims all warranties and conditions with respect to the Avo Software, documentation, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Avo Automation disclaims all warranties or statutory guarantees of any kind with respect to such third-party software used by User independently or in conjunction with the Avo Software. Avo Automation does not guarantee that the Avo Software will be free of defects, run error-free or uninterrupted or meet User requirements.
  • Avo Automation retains all rights, title, and interest, including all intellectual property rights, in Avo Software and its Confidential Information. Avo Software are made available on a limited license or access basis, and no ownership right is conveyed to User, irrespective of the use of terms such as “purchase” or “sale”. User may not remove, alter, or obscure any proprietary rights notices contained in or affixed to the Avo Software. Except for the rights expressly granted in the applicable license Agreement, no license or right is granted to User by Avo Automation by implication or otherwise.


  • Both User and Avo Automation will adhere to the protection of confidential data, Personal Identifiable Information (PII)and matter related to it in the best possible way. Both User and Avo Automation shall comply with all applicable Data Protection Laws, rules and regulations.


  • User shall comply with all applicable export trade control laws, rules, and regulations with respect to its use of the website and Avo Software, including but not limited to International Traffic in Arms Regulations of the U.S. State Department, the Export Administration Regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Commerce or sanction regulations of U.S. Treasury Department and shall comply with all restrictions imposed pursuant thereto with respect to complying with prohibitions of trade or transactions with persons or entities whom or which may be sanctioned or blocked by virtue of being subject of an order, directive, proclamation, regulation or otherwise listed as a blocked, barred, suspended, sanctioned or prohibited person identified by such agencies and departments. Without limiting the foregoing, User shall not export or re-export all or any part of the website content and/or Avo Software without Avo Automation’s prior written consent and license as may be required by the export trade control laws of the U.S. User agrees to notify Company promptly if User may be in non-compliance with this section.