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Getting Started with AFL

A course that provides an overview of the Avo Assure platform and familiarize with its capabilities and the features it offers.

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AFL Foundation Learning

A course that explores the core capabilities and activities of Avo Assure utilized for automation testing for softwares and applications.

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AFL Advanced Learning

A course that shares an overview of complex and exceptional capabilities of Avo Assure that stand out from other automation testing tools.

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Train with the Tutor

A series of virtually live demo sessions by Avo Experts on various testing scenarios and application testing capabilities of Avo Assure.

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Join AFL Community

A group of learning-enthused automation testers brought together in an academic journey where they explore and learn about the Avo Assure Platform and its various capabilities. This gathering of high-achieving individuals engage in discussions, share information, and collaborate with one another to professionally grow and support each other as they reach the finishing line of their AFL journey. The diversity in terms of experience, expertise, backgrounds, and interests is what makes this community a brilliant repository of shared knowledge and resources.


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