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This Cookie Policy governs the information collected through Collected through your access of the web site.

While a user is browsing/using our website, we place a cookie on the browser to gather information on the user’s preferences and store them for a while. Cookie is a short text file. You may please be aware of that we have cookies, and your browsing information is captured. We also capture your IP addresses to understand demographic browsing patterns that will give us an insight on the probable services that our users are interested in. Such information is also used for any diagnostic purposes if there are any issues with DNS. At times, we gather user information via surveys and fill in forms. The surveys are with specific purposes, published from time to time, and the information gathered will be used only for the purposes mentioned in the surveys. All personal information is discarded after six months and only the survey outcome information is stored without personal information (PI) in it. The fill in forms typically collect only business-related information and collected to provide us with specific information on the services our users/customers are interested in. There is no PI involved here.