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Avo Automation and BrowserStack Revolutionizing Test Automation

Seamless integration between Avo Assure and BrowserStack for effortless test automation across multiples browsers, devices and versions

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Avo Assure + BrowserStack: No-Code AI-Powered Test Automation for Accelerated App Testing and Delivery

Avo Assure is a 100% no-code, AI-driven test automation platform that streamlines testing across 200+ technologies. With Avo Assure, your development team can easily automate numerous test-related activities to shorten test lifecycles. By streamlining testing, they can accelerate release cycles and deliver high-quality applications at scale.

With BrowserStack, you have the test infrastructure to test across multiple versions and platforms to ensure your applications are delivering the best user experience across all browsers.

You can now garner even more benefits from Avo Assure – thanks to its integration with BrowserStack’s app and browser testing tools.

Hassle-free Test Automation

Hassle-Free Test Automation for Mobile and Web Apps

The integration of Avo Automation’s Avo Assure platform and BrowserStack’s testing tools simplifies test case creation and accelerates test execution for mobile and web apps.

The seamless integration between these test automation leaders will enable your team to easily

  • Create test cases for web and mobile applications on Avo Assure
  • Test these apps and websites on cross device-browser-OS combinations and in real user conditions
  • Discover real-time bugs and fix them early in the SDLC
  • Improve test efficiency
  • Achieve near-100% test coverage

All of this will enable you to deliver higher-quality. mobile/web apps faster and more frequently


Effortless Testing Across Any Browser, Device, and Platform

The question: How can you ensure that your mobile or web app will deliver high performance once it is released to real users?

The answer: Test it on real devices and browsers.

The catch: With 1000s of devices and browsers in use today, it’s impossible
to manually test applications across all of them.

The solution: Leverage the integration of Avo Assure with BrowserStack.

By using the Avo Assure platform and BrowserStack’s app and web testing tools in tandem, you can easily test web/mobile apps on any real browser or device.

With Avo Assure, you can quickly design and create test cases.

Then with BrowserStack’s tools, you can execute test cases across 3000+ real iOS devices, Android devices, and web browsers.

Harnessing this powerful yet user-friendly integration will help you to accelerate testing, improve testing efficiency, and expand testing coverage – across any device, platform, or browser.

Delivering Powerful Synergies for Web and Mobile App Test Automation

The seamless Avo Assure/BrowserStack integration creates powerful synergies so you can benefit from:


No-Code Test Case Creation

Avo Assure is a 100% no-code platform so you can rapidly create test cases for any mobile or web app without writing a single line of code


Faster Test Execution

Run tests simultaneously or in a distributed fashion, thus reducing test execution time by 60% or more, and improving execution performance


Wider Coverage

Get over 90% test coverage using Avo and BrowserStack for mobile and web testing


Easy Test Maintenance

Avo Assure will automatically detect and update test cases when your app changes, simplifying test maintenance


Impact Analysis

Built-in AI capabilities enable self-healing of test cases, so you don’t have to waste time and effort on fixing failed cases for your evolving application


Pre-Built Test Library

Save time and effort when creating test cases with Avo’s vast library of pre-built test templates for packaged applications (ERP) technologies and applications

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