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Large US Commercial Property and Casualty Insurer Automates 10x Faster





The Challenge

The company wanted to transition from project-centric to a product-centric agile development approach to improve customer experience and reduce costs

The Solution

Avo Discover, a user-friendly process documentation solution, and Avo Assure, a super-smart test automation solution, together enabled rapid automation, reduced costs and improved the customer experience.


  • 10X improvement in automation rate
  • DevOps-enabled application delivery
  • Stable, higher quality applications in production



This customer is one of the largest US commercial property and casualty insurers. They wanted to transform their IT organization from project-centric to product-centric application development. To modernize IT for the future, they needed greater innovation through agile development, improvements to the customer experience, and faster time to market.

However, the current application development and testing processes were unstable and fraught with production issues, impeding transformation. The primary challenges were:

The applications were tested manually, making them vulnerable to human errors. Manual testing, apart from being cumbersome, was also time-consuming, delaying the overall project timeline.

Test coverage was inadequate across the entire IT landscape.

Existing test automation tools couldn’t offer the desired test coverage. Therefore, manual testing was still pertinent. The tools also required the team to have extensive coding ability.

High production defects required consistent availability of a support team and respective infrastructure.

Upon carefully considering these setbacks, the team wanted to automate their testing process, enabling a seamless transformation to a product-centric, super-agile application development approach.


Avo DiscoverTM and Avo AssureTM, our efficient process documentation and intelligent test automation products, were implemented in a two-step approach:

1. Optimize application testing end to end.

2. Increase application test coverage to enable rapid automation with low maintenance.

The following were the steps taken:

  • Avo Discover thoroughly documented the entire process flow, and the captured process was then imported into our test automation product called Avo Assure.
  • Using the captured process flows, the existing test cases were optimized and enhanced to provide complete coverage. The team identified 12,000+ scenarios across applications, comprising over 40,000 test cases.
  • The team implemented end-to-end testing across applications, paving the way for successful, ontime delivery in each release. The optimization also reduced the testing cycles significantly. This empowered the team to transition to product-centric agile development.
  • Thorough testing also meant stable, higher quality applications in production, which improved the end-user experience. The solutions enabled rapid automation for the identified test scenarios within 9 months ensuring faster speed to market.
  • With low-code to no-code capabilities, Avo products made it easier and faster for the team to automate application testing. This in turn gave them the freedom to focus on strategic projects.


  • Avo solutions facilitated a super agile product-centric development approach
  • Avo Discover expedited the build-out of test automation with rapid process documentation
  • Automation rate improved 10X within just a few months unlike the lengthy cycles of existing tools
  • Business-critical applications became automation test-ready in weeks
  • By setting up a system of continuous testing, a more agile approach, the applications were DevOps ready