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Gain 2x Value for your SAP Applications with Automated Testing

Gain 2x from SAP Testing

Frequent upgrades and releases that massively impact business-critical processes define Modern SAP applications. This calls for a scalable, agile, and efficient testing process to ensure flawless execution of these applications.  

Test automation involves running tests automatically while utilizing the test results to continually improve applications’ quality and efficiency. From executing test cases to reporting, a test automation solution carries out testing with minimal human intervention. When it comes to SAP applications, expediting the entire quality assurance process is crucial. 

Here are four ways how test automation helps you double your SAP ROI.  

1.Test automation saves time, costs, and effort 

Due to frequent changes, the SAP applications require repetitive testing to ensure quality. Each time an application changes, unit and regression testing have to be performed again. Manually testing these applications is costly, time-consuming, and fraught with errors. The effort involved in writing the test scripts and executing them end-to-end is another drawback. With no-code test automation, you can run automated tests over and over again at no additional cost. You can also expedite your testing time from months to days or even hours.  

2. Test automation delivers higher quality 

Although there is no replacement for what a human mind can offer, it is always possible for it to make mistakes. Any error, significant or not, can significantly impact the quality of your applications and the overall customer experience. Identifying and bug-fixing at the early stages of development improves the quality and saves effort and cost. Test automation also enhances the feedback cycle between the developers and testers, enabling them to work cohesively and reduce the defect injection rate.  

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3. Test automation spans various applications   

It is improbable that a business process spans a single technology and application. Imagine manually testing the entire business process end-to-end? The effort and time involved in downloading and installing individual automation tools (if using) for each application are not to mention.   

A test automation solution that works seamlessly across any application helps you achieve end-to-end test automation. With regression testing efforts exponentially reduce, you can test the entire breadth of the application as required and within the shortest span.  

4. Test automation enables easy scaling  

Test automation significantly improves the scope and depth of testing. You can run hundreds of complex test cases with a single click of a button – something impossible to achieve with manual testing. With features like smart scheduling, you can schedule testing during non-office hours, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

With constant changes impacting SAP applications in a modern IT landscape, manual testing is not sustainable for ensuring maximum quality and impact. Test automation solutions that do not offer heterogeneous capabilities and need coding do not contribute to achieving business benefits. 

The need of the hour is a test automation solution that is no-code, heterogeneous, and intelligent. Avo Assure, with all these capabilities, enables businesses to achieve continuous testing and embrace agile development. Designed explicitly for SAP, the SAP accelerator pack comes with a reusable, pre-built set of keywords. These save time, cost, and effort. SAP applications are complex, mission-critical, and dynamic; catering to the changes is easy if you have the right test automation solution by your side.  

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