Leading Financial Institution Delivers Applications 2x Faster with Zero Defects - Avo Automation
Financial institution case study

Leading Financial Institution Delivers Applications 2x Faster with Zero Defects





The Challenge

The bank wanted to upgrade its existing loan management system from risk-based to a fully-functional platform without negatively impacting its customers.

The Solution

Avo Assure, an innovative test automation solution ensured 100% automation within 2 months enabling successful migration.


  • Application delivered at a 2x faster rate
  • Zero defects post-migration
  • 96% decrease in post-migration testing time



This bank offers retail, commercial, investment, banking and​ ​mortgage services, and has 249 branches in the US. The bank​ ​wanted to upgrade its existing loan management system from​ ​risk​-​based to a fully-functional version without adversely​ ​impacting its customers. This required testing 14 loan​ ​applications, each comprising of around 4000+ scenarios.

The following were the challenges faced:

Manual testing of 4000+ test scenarios required about 4 weeks.​ ​Therefore, any changes to the code or the configuration needed​ ​4 weeks to be tested end-to-end.

This delayed the completion of risk-based testing done by the​ ​upgradation team. The approach also offered an inadequate​ ​coverage of 10%.

As a quick-fix to avoid the delay, the team made updates in real-time. ​However, upon completion​ ​of the migration activity, there was no​ ​way to validate if functionalities from previous versions were intact​ ​and worked in sync with the latest changes.

These efforts of regression testing took 3 weeks and a combined​ ​effort of 6 testers​.​

Upon carefully considering the downsides of manual testing,​ ​the IT team wanted a test automation solution that could​ ​transform the way they tested applications.


Avo Assure, a modern test automation solution, helped the bank’s IT team upgrade to a modern application testing approach. This is how:

  • Achieved 100% automation: Avo Assure helped the IT team transform from a risk-based, low test automation coverage approach to a fully functional, 100% testing approach within a span of 2 months.
  • Improved the extent of automation: The bank didn’t have an automation testing platform, hence the testing process was slow. With Avo Assure, the bank could automate 94% of testing, giving them the ability to run over 4000 test cases per day.
  • Reduced regression testing time and efforts: The time-taken for regression testing reduced from 3 weeks to 21 hours, and required less manual intervention. This enabled frequent end-to-end execution of test cases involving multiple downstream applications.
  • Expedited release time: The average time per release drastically decreased from 1–3 months to 1 week.
  • Enabled business users: Being a no-code test automation solution, Avo Assure equipped the business users to execute the test cases before handing them over to the testing team.
  • Low maintenance: The team maintains test cases that can be executed any time by the release manager, ensuring the critical functionalities worked as expected.


  • Successfully migrated the loan processing applications with zero defects.
  • Executed 4000+ test scenarios every day during the course of migration.
  • Ensured 100% automation of the loan applications within 2 months.
  • Reduced the post-migration testing time by 96%, utilizing the suite of test cases for all future releases.
  • Enabled weekly release of new functionalities while delivering applications 2x faster.
  • This further improved the customer experience.
  • Decreased manual tasks and hence liberated employees to focus on more critical tasks.