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Avo for SAP



The smooth functioning of SAP applications is crucial to business continuity. Poorly performing apps will cost companies productivity, customer experience, and revenues. Learn how Avo Assure, an AI-augmented software test automation solution helps you ensure your mission-critical applications continue to perform as expected.

The packaged application space continues to evolve. Enterprises that depend on SAP for their mission-critical applications must stay current with these changes to deliver the desired outcomes. Add to this various business and technology initiatives, like digital transformation or cloud migration, the complexity of smoothly functioning SAP applications manifolds.

Manual testing is slow, arduous, and erroneous and can’t match the pace. Low-code test automation was an option until now, but it fails to make the cut either.

What’s the Challenge

The top reasons why SAP testing requires no-code automation are:

The three primary reasons that necessitate test automation for SAP applications are:

Longer Test Creation Cycle

Longer Test Creation Cycle

Developing an SAP-specific test automation framework with manual testing or low-code test automation solution is time-consuming as they require scripting. They are also tedious and costly owing to the training requirement and the constant availability of necessary skillset.

Insufficient Risk Coverage

Insufficient Risk Coverage

Most test automation solutions cater to specific applications and do not offer test automation coverage to all the applications in an end-to-end business process. Given that SAP applications integrate with other apps like Salesforce, web, mobile, Mainframes, Oracle, and more, testing across these touchpoints becomes crucial. This means various test automation solutions for specific apps, their skillset availability, and associated cost overruns.

Laborious Maintenance

Laborious Maintenance

The lack of reusable test cases repeatedly burdens the team with the creation of test scripts, resulting in increased effort and delayed delivery. Identifying a minor code, analyzing its impact, and testing it affects productivity.

We have the solution

Avo Assure – an intelligent, AI-driven, no-code test automation solution enables you to test SAP applications with a few clicks. Its heterogeneous capabilities help you test diverse applications like SAP, web, mobile, Oracle, mainframes, Salesforce, and more. This means your QA experts can test end-to-end business processes without writing a single line of code. Together, the no-code and heterogeneous capabilities help teams achieve end-to-end test automation and continuous testing.

How Avo Assure Delivers the Promise of True Quality

Test Creation with Prebuilt Test Libraries
Test Creation with Prebuilt Test Libraries

Test creation, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most time-consuming steps in SAP testing. The computer vision-based Design Studio lets you visualize your entire testing hierarchy, making designing and updating test cases straightforward. This bird’s eye view further simplifies test maintenance.

Avo Genius, a (beyond) smart recorder, helps automatically create test scenarios as you navigate web applications. It offers data parameterization and the flexibility to pause recording and edit test steps on the fly. The Design Studio and Avo Genius work in synch – as you navigate through the screens using Avo Genius, Design Studio generates respective modules.

SAP Test Accelerator Pack, one of Avo Assure’s unique offerings, is tailor-made for SAP and makes testing a breeze. SAP Accelerator pack is a prebuilt library of SAP test cases. This library caters to a plethora of SAP transaction codes (T-codes), so you can focus on automating testing for just the customizations.

The SAP Test Accelerator covers test cases of core modules like Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Production Planning, and Finance, including over 150+ T codes, which make up about 350–400 test cases. You can also test 25+ end-to-end SAP business processes like Quote to Cash, Order to Cash, Make to Order, Make to Stock, Procure to Pay, Record to Report, and more. This Accelerator pack fast-forwards your test creation effort by 70% since you create tests only for customizations.

Smart Execution
Smart Execution

While Avo Assure’s no-code capability reduces test execution to a few clicks, its parallel execution further expedites testing. It enables you to run tests in parallel on a single VM or multiple VMs simultaneously. It also helps you decide the most optimal path for execution based on your available infrastructure.

With Smart Scheduling, you can schedule execution during business and non-business hours, thus making the most of 24 hours. This further improves test efficiency.

Achieve scalable test execution as required on any cloud platform with the Elastic Execution Grid.

The CI/CD integration ensures a continuous feedback loop between developers and testers and helps achieve continuous
testing. Shorter regression cycles owing to no-code capabilities contribute to bringing production defects significantly.

Test Maintenance
Test Maintenance

Avo Assure enables the reusability of test cases saving time and effort. With Upgrade Analyzer, you can identify the piece of code that has undergone a change and test just that. This is especially useful when larger applications requiring tedious analysis to identify code change are involved.

How Avo Assure Enables All-in-one SAP Testing

How Avo Assure Enables All-in-one SAP Testing

Avo Assure helps you test across all versions and products of SAP, thus becoming a one-stop solution for SAP testing.


Sales and distribution or human resource planning, Avo Assure helps you be sure that all the components of SAP ECC work cohesively. This helps in achieving end-to-end test automation.


The possibilities to innovate through S/4HANA are limitless. Avo Assure helps you focus on innovation by taking over mundane and repetitive testing. If you are on your migration journey from ECC to S/4HANA, be confident that your system migration and implementation stay on track and will be achieved well before 2027 with Avo Assure. Greenfield, Brownfield, or something else, Avo Assure's got you covered.

SAP Success Factors
SAP SuccessFactors

A smoother functioning of human capital management means happy employees. Avo Assure helps you achieve just that by streamlining SAP SuccessFactors testing.

SAP Fiori
SAP Fiori

Customer-grade business apps need to ensure high uptime and availability. Test SAP Fiori with Avo Assure to deliver the best to your customers.

What Makes Avo Assure Unique

End to End Testing
End-to-end Testing
Achieve end-to-end testing as Avo Assure enables you to test across diverse technologies like web, mobile, Mainframes, ERPs, and more. With a few clicks, ensurre the seamless functioning of all the applications.
CI/CD Integration
CI/CD Integration

SAP applications and their integrations with various third-party apps are crucial. With Avo Assure’s robust CI/CD pipeline that integrates with DevOps, ensure you thoroughly test every part of the process. Achieve continuous testing to reduce defect slippages and downtime.

Elastic Execution Grid
Elastic Execution Grid

Test on any cloud platform with scalable test execution through Elastic Execution Grid.

Accessibility Testing
Accessibility Testing

Enable end-to-end accessibility testing with a single click of a button. Avo Assure supports A, AA, AAA, WCAG standards,
Section 508, and ARIA best practices.

Intuitive Reporting
Intuitive Reporting

Analyze reports intuitively because Avo Assure shares each step’s embedded execution video and screenshots. An advanced dashboard with 30 default widgets to choose from helps visualize reports effectively. The one-touch integration with defect management tools further simplifies reporting issues.

Intuitive UI/UX
Intuitive UI/UX

Easy-to-use and self-serve capability of Avo Assure’s UI/UX means a low learning curve. These capabilities empower technical and business users to get on board with testing faster, translating to higher automation productivity.

Avo’s Product Suite Integrations

Avo’s suite of products offers two more solutions that help boost testing productivity and efficacy. They are intelligent Test Data Management (iTDM) and Service Virtualization.


With iTDM, you can generate production-like, relevant, and compliant SAP test data to deliver top-quality software. ITDM helps overcome the primary challenges that arise with poor quality test data and lengthy test data creation cycles.

Avo Service Virtualization
Service Virtualization

This product helps you leverage a virtual service or environment when the actual one is not available. This enables you to achieve shift-left testing and ensure high-quality, timely delivery.

With Avo Assure, you can


This product helps you leverage a virtual service or environment when the actual one is not available. This enables you to achieve shift-left testing and ensure high-quality, timely delivery.


Achieve >95% test automation coverage as Avo Assure is no-code and cross-platform compatible


Expedite SAP releases 7x faster with the SAP Test Accelerator pack


Save more than 70% of your SAP test creation effort with no-code capability, Design Studio, Avo Genius, and the SAP test accelerator pack


Migrate from SAP ECC to S/4HANA without backlogs


Ensure 99% functional availability of your business-critical applications owing to high-quality applications


Reduce infrastructure requirements by 80% with parallel testing, as you can now run tests on a single VM or multiple VMs simultaneously


Be 4x more productive because the solution is no-code, heterogenous, and offers test case reusability


Reduce regression testing effort by 30%


See YoY reduction in the cost of quality as Avo Assure


Get the most out of 24 hours by scheduling execution during non-business hours.

Technical Specifications

Design and Maintenance

  • Visual test design
  • DOM – Document Object Model
  • Augmented with smart recorder to automatically capture test scenarios
  • Pre-built keywords simplify test case creation
  • Shared object and
    test repository
  • Test data input automation
  • Debug and reporting support
  • Visual assertion to heal the automation script

Client Platform Support

  • Web-based
  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • SAP – ECC, S4/HANA, SuccessFactors, Fiori, Ariba, NetWeaver
  • Oracle – EBS, Fusion Cloud
  • Mainframe via emulation
  • API – web services
  • Databases
  • Salesforce
  • Guidewire
  • Microsoft Dynamics
    and more…

Integration Support

  • Visual test design
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Microfocus – QC/ALM
  • qTest
  • Azure DevOps
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Amazon Mobile Farm
  • Sauce Labs
  • Zephyr
  • Open APIs also enable additional integrations
Avo Assure is certified by SAP
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