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Avo for Guidewire

Avo for Guidewire



The seamless functioning of your Oracle applications is crucial to business continuity and consistently good customer experience. However, the lack of thorough testing owing to manual or piecemeal automation forms the primary bottleneck. Learn how Avo Assure – a no-code, AI-augmented, heterogeneous test automation solution helps you over these challenges.

Why Change?

Digital disruption is becoming the DNA of organizations, especially insurers. The key areas that determine if your customer chooses you over your competitor are operational performance, responsiveness, and customer experience. It is a continuous and ongoing process that is defined by software quality.

Why now?

Packaged products like Guidewire help organizations compete effectively. However, there are several challenges.

Slow manual testing where tedious test design leads to longer test cycles, impacting delivery timelines.


Inadequate test automation coverage increases defect slippages in production, which means poor quality applications.

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Piece-meal test automation solutions that require scripting and lack cross-platform compatibility, thus not precisely automating testing.

A slower feedback loop between Guidewire testers and developers as there is no steady DevOps pipeline, resulting in delayed delivery.

Overall, a lack of thorough testing means delayed time-to-market, cost overruns, and lost customers.

A test automation solution that helps deliver top-quality applications is the answer.

We Have the Solution

Avo Assure – our AI-driven, no-code test automation solution helps you automate Guidewire testing and be sure of delivering high-quality software. Being heterogeneous, it enables testing across the web, mobile, Guidewire, mainframes, ERPs, Salesforce, and more. Together, the no-code and heterogeneous capabilities empower teams to achieve test automation for end-to-end business processes comprising Guidewire applications and more.

Deployed on-prem or on the cloud, Avo Assure offers the flexibility and simplicity of true no-code test automation.

3 Steps to Simplifying Guidewire Testing with Avo Assure

Faster and Autonomous Test Design

Faster and Autonomous Test Design

Test design is often the most time-consuming step of manual testing or automated testing that requires scripting. Avo Assure being 100% no-code, reduces all the test design efforts to a few clicks. With Design Studio, you can visualize your entire application workflow to instantly design test cases and update them as required. This overview further simplifies test maintenance.

Avo Genius, a (beyond) smart recorder, helps automatically create test scenarios as you navigate web applications. It offers data parameterization, the flexibility to pause a recording, and edit test steps on the fly.

Design Studio and Avo Genius work in unison; as you navigate through the screens using Avo Genius, respective modules get simultaneously generated in Design Studio.

The pre-built library with 1500+ keywords further helps you create test cases on the go and enhances reusability. The easy-to-use UI empowers technical and business users to contribute to testing Guidewire applications, thus improving test efficiency.

Smart Test Execution

Smart Test Execution

Avo Assure makes test execution straightforward, as no coding effort is involved. Furthermore, capabilities like parallel execution help you run tests in parallel on a single VM or multiple VMs simultaneously. Smart Scheduling enables you to make the most of 24 hours by scheduling test execution during non-business hours.

With the Elastic Execution Grid, you can scale test execution on any cloud platform.

These capabilities shorten the regression cycles, improve the feedback loop between developers and testers, and significantly decrease the number of bugs in production.

Easy Test Maintenance

Easy Test Maintenance

Avo Assure offers seamless test case reusability, helping save time and effort. The Upgrade Analyzer helps pinpoint the piece of code that has undergone a change and tests just that, saving time on analysis. Design Studio also simplifies test maintenance by offering a bird’s eye view of your testing hierarchy.

How is Avo Assure Different

  1. End-to-end Testing:
    Achieve end-to-end testing as Avo Assure enables you to test across diverse technologies like web, mobile, Mainframes, Guidewire, ERPs, and more.
  2. In-sprint Automation:
    Is UI not ready to carry out the testing? Avo Assure’s in-sprint automation helps address this bottleneck. With in-sprint automation, achieve shift-left testing and enable continuous testing.
  3. CI/CD Integration:
    Hiccups in your integration testing journey? Avo Assure has got you covered. With a robust CI/CD pipeline that thoroughly integrates with DevOps, you can improve the feedback loop between the testing and development teams, thus achieving continuous testing.
  4. Accessibility Testing:
    With a single click of a button, Avo Assure enables end-to-end accessibility testing for your applications. It supports A, AA, AAA, WCAG standards, Section 508, and ARIA best practices.
  5. Intuitive Reporting:
    Analyze reports intuitively because Avo Assure offers the embedded execution video and screenshots of each step. Choose from 30 default widgets in the advanced dashboard to visualize reports effectively or customize them per your needs. The one-touch integration with defect management tools further simplifies reporting issues.
  6. Intuitive UI/UX:
    Easy-to-use and self-serve capability of Avo Assure’s UI/UX requires minimum training. This means a low learning curve and faster adoption of the product.
  7. Expansive Support:
    Avo Assure supports over 150 technologies, thus helping you test diverse business processes.

Avo’s Suite of Products – Integrations


Avo Intelligent Test Data Management (iTDM)

Generate production-like, relevant, and compliant test data with Avo iTDM to overcome the most significant challenge of Guidewire testing – unreliable test data. Cover a vast expanse of test cases without the hassles of lengthy and tedious test data creation.

ITDM offers:

    • Data discovery
    • Data obfuscation
    • Synthetic data generation
    • Data provisioning
    • Supports open architecture
    • Built and deployed on open source
    • Multiple security options
    • Can handle billions of records


Avo Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

Leverage a virtual service or environment when the actual one is not available with Service Virtualization. Enable shift-left testing and deliver top-quality applications without delays.

With Avo, you can

  • Achieve end-to-end test automation and deliver top quality as Avo Assure is no-code and heterogeneous. 
  • Enable shift-left testing and reduce production defects to <2%.
  • Improve team productivity by 10x owing to simplified test creation, execution, and maintenance.
  • Test 85% faster than manual testing since Avo Assure doesn’t require scripting. 
  • Reduce infrastructure requirements by 80% with parallel testing, as you can now run tests on a single VM or multiple VMs simultaneously. 
  • Achieve end-to-end accessibility testing. 
  • Enable 25% faster time-to-market with smart execution.

Technical Specifications

Design and Maintenance

  • Visual test design
  • DOM – Document Object Model
  • Augmented with smart recorder to automatically capture test scenarios
  • Pre-built keywords simplify test case creation
  • Shared object and
    test repository
  • Test data input automation
  • Debug and reporting support
  • Visual assertion to heal the automation script

Client Platform Support

  • Web-based
  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • SAP – ECC, S4/HANA, SuccessFactors, Fiori, Ariba, NetWeaver
  • Oracle – EBS, Fusion Cloud
  • Mainframe via emulation
  • API – web services
  • Databases
  • Salesforce
  • Guidewire
  • Microsoft Dynamics
    and more…

Integration Support

  • Visual test design
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Microfocus – QC/ALM
  • q-test
  • Azure DevOps
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Amazon Mobile Farm
  • Sauce Labs
  • Zephyr
  • Open APIs also enable additional integrations
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