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The Challenge

According to Gartner, by 2025, organizations that ignore the opportunity to utilize AI-augmented testing will spend twice as much effort on testing and defect remediation compared with their competitors that take advantage of AI.


Oracle applications are one of the most widely-used enterprise application software suites in the world.

Business-critical applications, including Oracle apps, must perform seamlessly to deliver higher quality and exceptional customer experience that are crucial in today’s increasingly all-digital world. Enterprise applications are only valuable when they work flawlessly and deliver significant ROI to the company. Challenges arise when they fail to do so.

What’s the challenge

The high uptime and availability of applications in and around Oracle depend on the thoroughness of testing. Although manual testing plays a prominent role, it is error-prone, time-consuming, expensive, and can’t keep pace with the continuous changes.

The three primary reasons that necessitate test automation for Oracle applications are:

Frequent updates:
Changing market trends and business process change mean frequent updates that need testing. Manual testing can’t match the speed.

Oracle applications seldom exist in siloes. With numerous integrations, testing end-to-end business flows is a herculean task without automation.

Higher the number of customizations, the higher the risk of breakage due to updates or changes.

Test automation still doesn’t deliver its true value if it requires you to code or doesn’t support diverse technologies – leaving significant gaps.

We have the solution

Meet Avo Assure, an intelligent no-code test automation solution that enables you to test Oracle applications with a few clicks of the buttons. This saves your QA experts from the coding effort and allows business users to actively contribute to the testing challenge.

Avo Assure is cross-platform compatible, thus enabling you to test diverse applications spanning Oracle, web, mobile, mainframes, Salesforce, and more. This solves the age-old challenge of platform-dependent automation solutions.

Together, the no-code and heterogeneous capabilities help teams achieve end-to-end test automation and continuous testing. The intuitive UI further simplifies the testing journey.

Avo Assure supports over 200 technologies, and this technology testing support allows businesses to validate the end-to-end process workflows across their entire technology stack. This capability enables organizations to have the confidence that their processes work flawlessly over time as oracle provides future upgrades.

With Avo Assure, you can

  • Test your Oracle applications 85% faster than manual testing and make them future-ready by testing them across the entire product lifecycle
  • See YoY reduction in the cost of quality
  • Move from EBS to OCI with confidence
  • Ensure 99% functional availability of your business-critical applications
  • Achieve over 90% in-sprint automation coverage and save over 30% of your automation effort to focus on more innovative tasks
  • Be 2x more productive because the solution is no-code, heterogenous, and offers test case reusability
  • Achieve continuous testing and transition to product-centric development
  • Get the most of 24 hours by scheduling execution during non-business hours
  • Create end-to-end tests without writing a single line of code and run those tests repeatedly without additional effort or costs
  • Liberate your employees of the repetitive tasks and empower them to use their superpowers – creativity and innovation

Case study

One of the Fortune 500 manufacturing companies rolled out its digital installed base portal quickly, generating additional revenues of 8% and achieving cost savings of 25% using Avo Assure. The company reduced its defect injection rate from 20% to 2%, overcame its delivery delays of 3–4 sprints in agile development, and ensured timely delivery.

Technical capabilities

  • Document end-to-end business processes using Avo Discover and automate them using Avo Assure
  • Execute multiple scenarios in a single VM independently or parallelly through the smart scheduling and execution feature
  • Work within a visual test environment called Mindmaps that shows you where you are, making the management of test plans and scenarios fun and simple without writing code
  • Quickly update and upgrade test scenarios to expand coverage without starting over
  • Analyze reports and interpret data intuitively with comprehensive reporting that shares the embedded video of execution and screenshots of each step. Pin pointing bugs is now a breeze.
  • Choose from 30 default widgets in the advanced dashboard to visualize reports effectively or customize as per your needs
  • With a single click of a button, enable accessibility testing for your applications. Avo Assure supports WCAG standards, Section 508, and ARIA

Design & Orchestration

· Visual test design
· Native client & image based object identification
· Pre-built keywords simplify test case creation
· Shared object & test repository
· Test data input automation
· Debug and reporting support

Client Platform Support

· Mobile – Android, iOS
· Oracle EBS
· API – web services
· Databases
· Oracle OCI

Integration Support
· Jira
· Microfocus – QC/ALM
· Qtest
· Atlassian Bamboo
· Amazon Mobile Farm
· CI/CD Integration
· Sauce Labs
· Salesforce
· Linux