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The Top 7 Software Testing Companies in the USA

7 software testing companies in the USA

Software development companies worldwide are jostling to capture space in the market while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Only thorough testing and stringent quality assurance protocols can guarantee the quality required by applications to achieve their goals. While many businesses build in-house teams for testing and QA purposes, the lack of industry-relevant expertise and inherent costs can be discouraging. This is where third-party software testing companies come in. 

With functionally skilled teams, robust internal processes, and a resilient approach, external testing solutions can guarantee better results at a sliver of the price. Here’s a list of the top software testing companies in the USA that you can choose from. 

QA Mentor

Headquartered in New York, QA Mentor is a giant software quality assurance and testing industry. It offers a wide range of more than 30 QA services in 8 countries bolstering its global presence. Having worked with nearly 500 clients, QA Mentor has garnered a solid reputation worldwide. Their services include a test automation platform, QA education, and corporate training programs. 

Avo Automation 

Founded in 2015, Avo Automation is a software testing company in the USA that offers a full-scale, enterprise-grade quality automation system that unifies process discovery and test automation. It is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has offices across the United States, Europe, and APAC. With the primary customer base being the Fortune 500s, Avo’s solutions pillar the prominent industries spanning BFSI, Manufacturing, and healthcare. Their automation solutions deliver the true value of automation and liberate humans from mundane tasks. Their quality automation product is highly ranked and entrusted by significant analyst reports.

Quality Logic

Based out of Idaho, Quality Logic is a trusted software testing company whose operations cut across states, countries, and continents. They offer the complete spectrum of QA and testing services, making them a one-stop-shop for all testing needs. Moreover, their vast experience with different industry verticals gives them the flexibility to quickly adopt newer technologies and practices. This knowledge, engineering acumen, and crafted insight provide them with an edge over other players in the field. 

Impact QA

Another firm based out of New York, Impact QA, has risen to become the first choice for leading Fortune 500 companies and funded startups in the last decade. Their pan-global presence, with offices in India, the UK, and Germany, gives them unparalleled access to industry know-how and talent base. From outsourced testing and automated testing to performance engineering and continuous testing, Impact QA offers a wide range of services spanning almost every primary industry vertical. Their solid reputation and the in-house team have helped major international firms solve all their QA and testing needs. 


Based in California, Testlio has grown its reputation and network far beyond the American borders. It has a strong base of software testers spread across the globe, enabling it to work with clients in almost every continent. They provide on-demand and flexible application testing solutions while guaranteeing better customer experiences. While they’re still new, their wide range of services and world-class standards have helped them corner some of the biggest companies in the world as clients. 


This USA-based firm doesn’t just promise quality but also backs up that promise with commitment. To demonstrate their expertise and trust DeviQA has a system wherein they first offer a trial engagement period. This period allows companies to understand how and why DeviQA is the right choice without committing fully. Their comprehensive set of offerings includes automated testing for web and mobile applications, full-cycle testing, QA processes, performance testing, load testing, regression testing, QA consulting, and compliance audits. 

Mindful QA

What separates Mindful QA from the rest is its affordability. Their hourly rates ensure that clients pay only for the work they need and nothing else. They have a strong network of experienced testers from different fields. Focusing on iOS and Android application testing, they also offer other services such as manila and automated performance testing, API testing, and consulting. 

Software testing is a critical function that helps maintain the quality of the application. In today’s competitive market, only those applications will succeed that operate smoothly, have no errors and bugs, and deliver a streamlined customer experience. Choosing the right test automation solution is your first step in achieving it.

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