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Rise with SAP Test Automation

Rise with SAP Test Automation

About Rise with SAP

Rise with SAP solution helps enterprises to initiate the Cloud ERP Solutions journey. This solution also enables the enterprise using On-Premises ERP Software to migrate to the cloud securely. Customers can take advantage of cloud-based business management software with Analytical insights and intelligent Solutions. This solution is Software as a Service (SaaS), which delivers software applications over the internet, where the provider hosts and manages the Software, and users access it on a subscription-based or pay-for-use model.

Why do we need Test Automation?

During the cloud migration, enterprises need to perform the end-to-end testing of regression test suites to ensure business continuity. Testing should be performed to ensure this cloud-based SAP solution works like the existing On-Premise ERP solution. This process requires the SAP Consultants’ manual effort to ensure the system works as expected. This repetitive manual testing has the following drawbacks:

  • Resource Intensive
  • Less Accuracy
  • Batch Testing

Business Case for Test Automation

In this blog, we showcase one of the key end-to-end business scenarios – Procure to Pay in Rise with SAP with the help of AVO Assure. The procure-to-pay business process has the below process steps:

Purchase Requisition

Identify the enterprise-level purchasing requirement for the organization. This is done by creating the purchase requisition in the SAP system.

Purchase Requisition

Vendor Selection

Identify the potential vendors to supply the required materials or services

Purchase Order

Create the Purchase Order for required materials or services in the system and send it to the supplier. This is the legal document for purchasing. The supplier will send the required materials or services based on this document.

Goods Receipt

Receive the Goods in our plant based on the purchase order document. SAP System updates the Goods receipt details against the Purchase Order.

Invoice Receipt

The Vendor sends the invoice for the supplied goods. This invoice is updated in the SAP system and approved in the system. Payment is processed to the Vendor.

Test Design

Test design is the first step in Test Automation. This test design involves Test Suite Creation, Test Case definition, Test Screen Design, and Test Steps Definition. We followed all the above four steps for the business transactions below.

  • SAP Cloud System Login
  • Create Purchase Requisition
  • Create Purchase Order by Adopting Purchase Requisition
  • Perform Goods Receipt
  • Perform Invoice Receipt


As a Test Designer, we defined the data parameterization tables for each test case.

Test Execution

As test automation developers, we configured the test execution steps with all the 5 test cases mentioned above.


Test Report

AVO Assure automation generated the report based on the Test Suites and Test Cases. This report provides test cases with status (Pass or Fail) with screenshots. This helps for auditing purposes.


Test Design process steps are accelerated through the AVO Genius feature and capture all the required fields. All those screen fields are used in SAP Test Automation. The effort required for SAP functional consultants has been reduced by 40% because of this automatic screen capturing.

Test Execution Process steps can be scheduled for multiple timing durations in a day as requested by the customer. This execution process consumes the required input data from the data parameterization tables. SAP Functional consultant’s presence is reduced by 80% because of the automatic test execution.

Test Report module provides the Test Suite and Test case level results. This helps in tracking the defects raised during the testing. Those defect’s recurrence rates can be minimized through defect root cause analysis and closure.

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