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AFL Felicitation Ceremony

AFL Felicitation Ceremony

Welcome to the AFL Felicitation Ceremony – where automation mastery meets recognition and celebration!

On December 14th, join us for an unforgettable evening dedicated to unveiling the champions of the Avo Foundation League. Discover the brilliance of those who have conquered every stage of the AFL learning adventure, showcasing their innovation and dedication. From surprises to applause, this event promises to be a thrilling celebration of the participants who have indeed tried and tested their success.

Mark your calendars and immerse yourself in the future of automation at the AFL Felicitation Ceremony. Don’t miss the chance to witness excellence, be inspired, and get exciting prizes! Join us in recognizing the outstanding journey of our AFL-ers!


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Avo Automation offers Assure practitioners the chance to become Power Users of the Avo community. The Avo Power User (APU) title recognizes outstanding contributions, commitment to learning, and knowledge sharing within the community.