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SAP SuccessFactors, Employee Productivity, and Test Automation: Joining the Dots


According to a Gallup report, nearly 85% of all adults worldwide are poorly engaged at work. And these low rates of engagement cost organizations a lot of money— $483–605 billion per year. Add to these events like the great resignation with millions resigning from their jobs, and one can see why talent acquisition and retention is the top priority for organizations today.  

Organizations are moving away from conventional HR solutions that record data to more comprehensive solutions like SAP SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors has various features that propel employee engagement rates, productivity, and satisfaction. It has become the focal point of hyperactive HR departments that have been working overtime to attract the right talent. But the complexity of a massive software overhaul such as shifting to SAP SuccessFactors requires a rigorous SuccessFactors testing strategy. This blog will highlight the many advantages of SuccessFactors and the need for test automation during its implementation.  

How SAP Successfactors Impacts Employee Productivity? 

An IBM report displayed that having connected, engaged employees can generate significant returns for companies. Organizations that scored in the top 25% on employee experience report nearly three times the return on assets and double the return on sales compared to organizations in the bottom quarter. Switching to SAP SuccessFactors can help companies reach that top quarter. 

Goal Management  

The embedded goal management module connects the immediate supervisors with their team members. Supervisors can instantly create goals by picking recommendations from the goals library. Managers can track all the assigned goals and assignees through a unified dashboard. This enables continuous tracking and monitoring of goals, helping make the employees more accountable. Proactive goal management can help cultivate healthy competition and boost employee morale.  

Performance Evaluation  

The inbuilt performance evaluation module is another key step in improving employee engagement. SAP SuccessFactors offers a dynamic, fair, and rigorous evaluation system perfect for organizations on a tight budget. Managers can change the evaluation goals according to evolving needs of the organization. Star performers can be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Meanwhile, continuous feedback and training help each employee enhance their performance. 

360° ratings  

Comprehensive employee ratings that factor in multiple stakeholders can give a fairer picture of employee performance. SAP SuccessFactors enables organizations to collect employee feedback, including colleagues, superiors, customers, and direct reports. This feature also breaks down the report across categories and presents graphically to identify strengths and weaknesses quickly.  

Performance calibration  

In performance calibration, multiple indicative factors and metrics are pulled to bring objectivity to performance, retribution, and succession decisions. SAP SuccessFactors provides a visual comparison of employees with a comprehensive view of data across four categories – performance, pay, succession, and talent profile. It provides an excellent view of the aggregate behavior of employees across all sessions when analyzing the company’s calibration results.  

Why is Test Automation Necessary to successfully Roll out SAP SuccessFactors? 

The new generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) software has shifted its focus from mundane payroll and regulatory processes to talent acquisition, engagement, and retention. SAP SuccessFactors is emblematic of this change in perception. Instead of the traditional HR tech that merely recorded data, SAP Successfactors takes it a step beyond with a complete digital transformation of the HR department. But this transformation comes at a cost. The volume, complexity, and scope of the data used makes SuccessFactors testing a highly complex task. When working with software such as SAP SuccessFactors, simply getting the system up and running doesn’t cut it. Each workflow and third-party integration across all mission-critical processes must be executed correctly. And sometimes, this means testing across the entire IT landscape.   

Your SuccessFactors testing strategy must account for the dynamism of SAP software. You must manage two release cycles while testing to ensure universal features impact no downstream process. This requires a robust Sap SuccessFactors testing tool. The one that can provide end-to-end testing without impacting business-critical Human Capital Management (HCM) processes. The chosen testing solution should also handle the new Fiori UI with its large number of tags per page and hard-to-identify objects. Avo Assure is one such solution.  

Avo Assure is a heterogeneous, no-code, robust test automation solution that accelerates software delivery by shortening test cycles and increasing test coverage. Along with supporting agile and DevOps methodologies by reducing regression testing time by 80-90%, it also saves 50% of testing effort by identifying defects early. The SAP Test Accelerator Pack simplifies Successfactors testing with hundreds of pre-built SAP-specific keywords. 

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Avo Assure can accelerate your SuccessFactors testing strategy while ensuring a smoother transition.  

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