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Reviving the Excitement: Highlights from the Avo Partner Conclave 2023!

Reviving the Excitement Highlights from the Avo Partner Conclave 2023!

A Glorious December 14th: Unveiling Innovation and Wisdom

The Avo Partner Conclave 2023 on December 14th was a symphony of brilliance where luminaries came together for an extraordinary experience. This rendezvous surpassed expectations, fostering deep discussions and innovative ideas among our esteemed partners, creating a nexus that will resonate in the corridors of collaboration for years to come.

Glimpse Into Tomorrow’s Software Testing Landscape: Keynotes and Panel Insights

The conclave commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, a symbolic prelude to the groundbreaking keynotes and panel discussions that shaped the event. Let’s take a dive into the exciting sessions that turned the Avo Partner Conclave 2023 into the mind-blowing day it was!

  1. Mahesh Venkataraman: Reimagining Testing – A Journey Beyond Automation and AI

Mahesh Venkataraman, Managing Director – Assets, Automation and Modern Engineering, Accenture

Mahesh’s keynote was a captivating journey through the challenges of modern software testing, providing insights into the ever-evolving software testing landscape beyond automation and artificial intelligence.

  1. Vivek Gupta: Avo and Oracles: Partnership & Synergies

Vivek Gupta, Country Head and Senior Director of India ISV, Oracle

Vivek Gupta’s immersive session offered a glimpse into the fascinating world of cloud technology, giving in-depth insights on critical pillars for ISV success, intertwining Avo’s SaaS Modernization Journey with Oracle, and various other topics that gave a birds-eye view of how the collaborative future of test automation looks like.

  1. Pradeep Soundararajan: Journey from Mission Impossible to Moolya and Bugasura

Pradeep Soundararajan , Chief Servant and CEO of Moolya and Bugasura

Pradeep Soundararajan’s powerful narrative took us through his enthralling journey from being the Ethan Hunt of software testing to building Moolya and Bugasura, keenly focusing on a growth-driven testing journey for businesses.

  1. Manish Jha and Shankaranarayana Adiga: Avo Platform and The Futuristic Possibilities

Manish Jha, Head of Product, Avo Automation

S Adiga

Shankaranarayana Adiga, Chief Technology Officer, Avo Automation

In their thought-provoking sessions, Shankaranarayana Adiga and Manish Jha provided the audience with a comprehensive roadmap for the Avo Platform, outlining key features to unfold in the upcoming two quarters. Their insights delved into the intricacies of the platform’s development, shedding light on the anticipated milestones, innovative approaches, and potential challenges that will shape its trajectory.

  1. Vidur Amin: Wrapping up 2023 and focusing on 2024

Vidur Amin, CEO, Avo Automation

Our visionary CEO, Vidur Amin, concluded the keynotes with a spectacular wrap-up, emphasizing Avo Automation’s 2023 journey and paving the way forward for 2024

  1. Panel Discussion: The Future of Software Testing

Mallika Fernandes, Managing Director and Lead Quality Engineering Capability, Accenture. Ramesh Mahadevan, Senior Director, Expleo Group.  Saksham Sarode, Practice Head – Digital Assurance, New Vision

The conclave culminated in a riveting panel discussion featuring Mallika Fernandes, Saksham Sarode, Ramesh Madhavan, and Manish Jha. Their insights spanned the vast landscape of testing, from delving into the impact of GenAI to the nuances of Enterprise Test Automation Strategies and future trends in QA, keeping the audiences captivated and journeying them through the much-anticipated future of software testing.

A Legacy of Collaboration and Inspiration

As the conclave came to an end, it left behind a legacy of collaboration and inspiration. Partners didn’t just depart with newfound insights; they left with seeds of innovation and collaboration firmly sown. These incredible thought leaders’ collective insights will serve as guiding lights as we navigate the future, illuminating our path toward creating a collective and prosperous tomorrow within the software testing industry. Avo Automation is beyond grateful and happy to have hosted our esteemed partners, making the Avo Partner Conclave 2023 a huge success and one epic day to remember! We eagerly anticipate this continued journey of innovation and collaboration that takes this landscape to newer, unprecedented heights!

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