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Tips for Successful Oracle EBS Test Automation  

Oracle EBS

Oracle EBS is a popular enterprise management solution for organizations requiring high-degree customizability. It can be tailored to meet specific business requirements and integrated seamlessly with third-party software. But the same advantages that Oracle EBS offers make it that much harder to test efficiently. This blog will outline the challenges to Oracle EBS testing and how test automation can help.  

What are the challenges to Oracle testing?  

Here are some of the challenges that most QA teams face while testing Oracle EBS applications.  

1. Poor test automation implementation  

Since Oracle EBS comes with several non-standard customizations, most open source tools cannot deal with it adequately. The inherent complexities in Oracle tend to require numerous changes in test scripts, forcing testers to spend considerable time just coding. Moreover, it also warrants a higher degree of technical knowledge and coding skills than most organizations have in-house.  

Oracle releases regularly update, potentially breaking the scripts and complicating test script maintenance.  

2. Continuous updates  

 Oracle’s e-business suite is known for its regular weekly updates, introducing over a thousand changes simultaneously. Even the most skilled manual testers cannot keep up with this pace. Slight oversights and manual errors can snowball into costly mistakes that can force downtime across the entire enterprise.  

 3. End-to-end integrations 

Oracle EBS applications are interconnected with several dependent business processes and applications. After every update, the testing team needs to conduct end-to-end integration testing to check whether any business-critical processes have been affected. This lengthy process can significantly add time to your release cycle.  

4. Shortened release cycles 

Oracle EBS users have to deal with brief periods between subsequent updates and new releases, and each update affects several touchpoints, applications, and processes. The only way to deal with such short cycles is to expand test coverage via automation.  

5. Resource-intensive testing 

While the above points show that manual testing isn’t suitable for Oracle testing, even a poorly implemented test automation strategy can become tedious. Writing and maintaining test automation scripts is hard, within the wrong framework, with Oracle testing.  

How to deal with these Oracle EBS testing challenges?  

The Oracle e-business suite is a vast enterprise-level solution that comprises three core software – supply chain management, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning. Each application developed under Oracle spans multiple departmental workflows and core business processes. Inadequate testing can lead to defect-ridden applications, slower release cycles, and higher testing costs.  

You need a robust test automation solution to ensure that your Oracle e-business suite continues to perform as expected while keeping track of all the new upgrades and releases. Test automation should form the core of your Oracle EBS testing strategy to meet quality standards, accelerated timeframes, and compliance requirements.  

When choosing your Oracle EBS test automation solution, remember the following points.   

  • Oracle releases updates on fixed dates with very little time between releases. Your test automation solution should offer high test coverage and require minimal coding to accelerate testing.  
  • The issue of test script writing and maintenance can be dealt with with a no-code automation platform. This enables non-tech personnel to build and deploy tests quickly.  
  • Another factor to consider is advanced object recognition. Oracle EBS applications have a customizable UI with several elements, which can otherwise make test automation a problematic task.  
  • Lastly, the chosen solution should enable continuous testing to keep pace with the continuous delivery model of Oracle updates.  

How can Avo Assure help?  

The customizability and complexity of Oracle EBS applications can make them hard to test. Organizations require a scalable test automation solution that can meet the rigorous testing demands of the thousands of customizations that come with Oracle EBS. 

Avo Assure is one such test automation solution. It’s a no-code heterogeneous platform that enables you to test over 100 technologies. It comes with a pre-built 1400+ keyword library that further expedites testing. Parallel testing and smart scheduling capabilities enable testing round-the-clock efficiently. The intuitive dashboard and intelligent visual reporting help identify defects much earlier in the process. 

See how Avo helped a Fortune 500 manufacturer implement Oracle Service Cloud for their digital customer service portal within the stipulated timeframe by reducing manual efforts by 30% and decreasing the defect injection rate for each sprint to 2-3%.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Avo Assure can help you scale your Oracle EBS applications without writing code.  

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