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Avo Assure Product Sheet

Avo Assure Product Sheet


Discover how Avo Assure AI-driven, no-code test automation solution helps teams realize the true power of automation, delivery top-quality software, and exponentially enhance productivity.


Today, agile and DevOps have become commonplace in development teams. If your testing methodology doesn’t match the pace, you are losing out on the benefits of agile development. Manual testing is tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive, impacting quality, delivery timelines, and the end-user experience. With applications growing in size and complexity, manual testing fails to make the cut. The good news is that 78%1 of organizations are well on the test automation bandwagon. But are they realizing the desired ROI?


When organizations opt for a test automation solution, the ROI calculation is primarily based on the time taken to test applications manually vs. with automation. However, the essential factors missed are the time to get started with the test automation solution, the coding effort still required to write scripts, the maintenance work involved, and the time and effort needed to pinpoint why a test failed. Managing the talent pool of testers to write scripts also adds to cost overheads. With no-code test automation, you can address these challenges effectively while achieving realistic ROI goals. Avo Assure makes it possible.


Avo Assure is an AI-driven, no-code test automation solution that helps you deliver high-quality applications at speed. Being heterogeneous, it enables testing across the web, mobile, mainframes, ERPs, Salesforce, Guidewire, and more. Together, the no-code and heterogeneous capabilities help teams test not just applications but end-to-end business processes. Deployed on-prem or on the cloud, Avo Assure also offers scalability and flexibility and reduces overheads. The intuitive UI further makes it straightforward to understand the entire testing flow and enables technical and business users to carry out testing. It is the only product in the market certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, Oracle Cloud, and Salesforce.


Test Design
Test Design – The Power of Design Studio and Avo Genius
Get a visual depiction of your entire application workflow with Design Studio. Instantly design test cases and update them as required. This bird’s eye view also makes test maintenance straightforward. With Avo Genius, you automatically create test scenarios as you navigate through the web applications. This smart recorder offers data parameterization, the flexibility to pause the recording, and edit the test steps on the fly. Design Studio and Avo Genius work in synch – as you navigate through the screens using Avo Genius, respective modules get generated simultaneously in Design Studio. The pre-built library with 1500+ keywords helps you create test cases on the go and enhances reusability.
Parallel Execution with Elastic Execution Grid
Avo Assure makes test execution a breeze, as all the coding effort is now reduced to a few clicks. Parallel execution expedites testing by helping you run tests in parallel on a single VM or multiple VMs simultaneously. Smart Scheduling allows scheduling test execution and extends testing capabilities around the clock, making even non-business hours productive. These capabilities reduce regression cycles, improve the feedback loop between developers and testers, and significantly decrease the number of bugs in production.
Parallel Execution
Test Maintenance
Test Maintenance – Build Once, Reuse as Required
Enhance test case reusability at no additional cost. With Upgrade Analyzer, pinpoint the piece of code that has undergone a change and test just that, saving time on analysis. Keep up with the latest changes throughout your application update journey.



1. End-to-end Testing: Achieve end-to-end testing as Avo Assure enables you to test across diverse technologies like web, mobile, Mainframes, ERPs, and more. Validate the seamless functioning of all the applications spanning various technologies to deliver what the requirement states.


2. In-sprint Automation: Waiting for the UI to be ready is one of the biggest bottlenecks during agile testing. With in-sprint automation, achieve shift left testing, and enable continuous testing.


3. Upgrade Analyzer: Typically, identifying an updated line of code to test it is a cumbersome process because a tester spends time on analysis, followed by testing the update. Maintenance of older test cases often takes a back seat as applications grow. With Upgrade Analyzer, identify the code change on the go and test just that. Test case upgrades and maintenance have never been easier.


4. CI/CD Integration: As applications grow, multiple moving pieces of development and engineering teams, owned by diverse internal teams, continue to evolve – leading to bumpy integrations. This necessitates continuous integration and continuous testing. With Avo Assure’s robust CI/CD pipeline that thoroughly integrates with DevOps, achieve continuous testing to reduce defect slippages and downtime.


5. Elastic Execution Grid: Perform scalable, elastic test execution on any cloud platform. Execute test cases through parallel execution or with AI capabilities to decide the most optimal execution path based on your available infrastructure.


6. Accessibility Testing: With a single click of a button, enable end-to-end accessibility testing for your applications. Ensure your applications are inclusive by catering to users with impairments or disabilities. It supports A, AA, AAA, WCAG standards, Section 508, and ARIA best practices.


7. Intuitive Reporting: Analyze reports intuitively because Avo Assure shares each step’s embedded execution video and screenshots. Choose from 30 default widgets in the advanced dashboard to visualize reports effectively or customize them per your needs. The one-touch integration with defect management tools further simplifies reporting issues.


8. Intuitive UI/UX: Easy-to-use and self-serve capability of Avo Assure’s UI/UX requires minimum training. These capabilities empower both technical and business users to get on board with testing faster, translating to higher automation productivity.


9. Expansive Support: Avo Assure supports over 150 technologies thus helping you test diverse business processes with ease.

The top Platforms you can Test With Avo Assure


1. Web Testing

Browser and operating system compatibility are the primary factors that decide how well your web app communicates with the end user. Avo’s web app testing helps ensure the functionalities match the requirement. It enables you to validate broken links, navigation errors, faulty integration, environmental issues, and more with a few clicks. It offers flawless test execution irrespective of the technology your web app is built on, including mobile web browsers.


2. Mobile Testing

A seamlessly functioning mobile app is your doorway to enhanced customer experience and customer retention. Validate your mobile applications’ functionality, usability, and consistency with Avo Assure. Be it native or hybrid technology across IOS or Android; Avo Assure helps you test seamlessly.


3. API Testing

Application Programming Interface is the software application that channels communication and data exchange between one or more software. Avo’s API testing helps you test if the functionality of these APIs is as intended. It validates the seamless functioning of API connections and responses and how effectively they handle data and user permissions. It also ensures interoperability between diverse applications. Be it the data layer, service layer, or API layer – Avo Assure helps test API integrations between business and application layers.


4. Mainframe Testing

Transition to a modern mainframe testing approach smoothly. Carry out agile testing for the legacy application by integrating test automation as a part of the release cycle in mainframe development. Avo Assure also helps you test mainframe emulators like PCOM, Bluezone, and IBM HOD.


5. Packaged Applications’ Testing

From ERP to CRM, it is crucial that your mission-critical applications are up and running with no scope for downtime. Avo Assure, certified for SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, Oracle Cloud, and Salesforce, helps end-to-end business process testing comprising both ERP and CRM applications. Avo Assure offers the SAP Accelerator pack, a prebuilt library of SAP test cases. These pre-built test cases cater to an array of standard SAP transaction codes (T-codes), so you can focus on automating just the customizations. It covers test cases of the core modules like Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Production Planning, and Finance that include over 150+ T codes, which make up about 350–400 test cases. You can also test 25+ end-to-end SAP business processes like Quote to Cash, Order to Cash, Make to Order, Make to Stock, Procure to Pay, Record to Report, and more. This Accelerator pack fast forwards your test creation effort by 70% since you are creating tests only for the customizations.

Avo’s Product Suite Integrations

Avo’s suite of products offers two other solutions, intelligent Test Data Management (iTDM) and Service Virtualization. Avo Assure integrates with these solutions to offer a holistic test automation experience.


With iTDM, generate production-like, relevant, and compliant test data to deliver reliable software faster with Avo’s intelligent test data management. Cover all possible test cases without the hassles of lengthy and arduous test data creation. Read more

 Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization helps you leverage a virtual service or environment when the actual one is not available with Service Virtualization. Enable shift-left testing and deliver top-quality applications without delays.

Customer Benefits

( 1 ) Achieve over 95% test automation coverage and save over 80% of your automation effort to focus on more innovative tasks with a no-code and heterogeneous approach.
( 2 ) Test applications 85% faster than manual testing and double your application releases since all your testing efforts are now reduced to a few clicks.
( 3 ) Achieve upwards of 10x productivity with seamless and heterogenous cross-platform testing. The easy-to-use, intuitive UI enables both technical and business users to carry out testing, thus improving test efficiency.
( 4 ) Significantly bring down the production defects to <1% within a short span through seamless and multiple regression testing cycles.
( 5 ) Reduce infrastructure requirements by 80% with parallel testing, as you can now run tests on a single VM or multiple VMs simultaneously.
( 6 ) Enable teams of every size to get onto the test automation bandwagon with a pay-per-use model of Avo Cloud and tiered pricing. From small and medium businesses to enterprises, teams of any diverse requirement can benefit from the flexible pricing model of Avo Assure.
( 7 ) Increase security, scale as required, and reduce maintenance overheads since Avo Assure is now also available on Linux OS.
( 8 ) Significantly reduce the cost of quality by delivering top-quality applications. Avo Assure helps you reduce prevention costs (cost of training developers and writing scripts), internal failure costs (costs incurred in fixing bugs before deployment), and external failure costs (costs incurred in production support after deployment).

Technical Specifications

Design and Maintenance
  • Visual test design
  • DOM – Document Object Model
  • Augmented with smart recorder to automatically capture test scenarios
  • Pre-built keywords simplify test case creation
  • Shared object and test repository
  • Test data input automation
  • Debug and reporting support
  • Visual assertion to heal the automation script
Client Platform Support
  • Web-based
  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • SAP – ECC, S4/HANA, SuccessFactors, Fiori, Ariba, NetWeaver
  • Oracle – EBS, Fusion Cloud
  • Mainframe via emulation
  • API – web services
  • Databases
  • Salesforce
  • Guidewire
  • Microsoft Dynamics and more…
Integration Support
  • Visual test design
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Microfocus – QC/ALM
  • q-test
  • Azure DevOps
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Amazon Mobile Farm
  • Sauce Labs
  • Zephyr
  • Open APIs also enable additional integrations 
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