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Factors Responsible for Test Automation Failure

Factors Responsible for Test Automation Failure

As we all know, automation is a magic key to solving most QA problems – only when implemented correctly. Automation is worth it when approached with realistic goals, the right tools, and the right mindset. However, there are many challenges to overcome while transitioning to automation. Even if the best test automation practices are applied, some shortcomings can result in wastage of automation efforts, sometimes even leading to failure. This blog discusses some of the most common reasons or factors responsible for test automation failure. 

Automating the Wrong Processes 

Automation works well when used to test stable cases, has no frequent changes, and needs repetitive testing. Employing test automation in the wrong test cases can lead to downtime and economic losses. For example, it isn’t wise to use automation solutions to test tasks like checking rendering issues or locating user-intended elements on a web page. 

Lack of Visibility 

Lack of visibility among team members might lead to automation failure. Letting only a few members in the automation testing team and keeping the rest of the workforce unaware of its working leads to testers failing to collaborate with the right people. Mostly, it is unreasonable to expect that only a few employees can alone accomplish automated testing ultimately. 

To overcome this situation, ensure a seamless flow of information about features being tested with automation and how the automation framework is configured. Also, showcase project results to the whole team.  

Failing to Create Specific Goals 

Enterprises often jump into the midst of automating entire processes without having a robust framework or the correct CI/CD integration. This is a weak automation strategy. It is wise to avoid starting with complex goals that encompass testing a whole application. It leads to crucial errors requiring a total framework reconfiguration which comes with a loss of time, effort, and money. Start small and identify the most suitable high-level functions that are stable and straightforward to test, followed by complex test cases that require more planning. Ensure that automated testing processes are clearly defined and optimized from the beginning.  

Inefficient Automation Solutions and Employee Skills 

Finding the right automation solution is a prime requirement to succeed in automation testing. Even with the best QA testers in place, enterprises may not be able to perform successful automation testing without appropriate solutions. 

Alongside the right solution, testers with the right automation skills are also essential. Inefficient skill set is among the prime factors responsible for test automation failure. Although no-code automation solutions enable both tech and non-tech users to carry out testing, having a basic idea about the solution and the testing prerequisites is a must. The specific skill sets to configure and implement test automation besides knowing how to articulate ideas between managers, developers, and customers is a must.  

Giving Less Importance to Test Reports 

Software testing teams should accurately analyze the results of each testing sequence. Every new test reveals better ideas to optimize future testing efforts. In test automation, it is apparent that some tests succeed, and some fail. Therefore, examining test reports for faults and analyzing the reason for failure is mandatory to avoid further losses. Not paying enough attention to these test reports will contain QA testers from attending faults which causes wastage of time, resources, and efforts.  

Today, automation testing is essential in software development and testing to ensure quality products. However, QA teams and enterprises need to be cautious about planning and implementing the most suitable automation solution. Without knowing the test automation roadblocks, rushing leads to increased costs. There’s no need to panic as best-fit test automation solutions are available in the market like Avo Assure. 

Remember, the reasons mentioned above are not the only factors responsible for test automation failure. To ensure you choose the right automation solution, let us help you understand Avo’s offerings better. Get your free demo today and learn how Avo can help you be on the right automation journey.

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