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Codeless Test Automation and Its Benefits

Codeless Test Automation and Its Benefits

Codeless test automation and its benefits are rapidly changing the testing landscape. The software environment embraces codeless technology to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce development costs. The software test automation domain is no exception. Today, codeless is the next big step in test automation.  

What is Codeless Test Automation? 

In a codeless test automation system, software engineers can create automated tests without writing a single line of code. It relieves software developers and testers from the time-intensive coding efforts required, like in the past, to automate a test. Codeless technology makes software testing more accessible and seamless by creating visually based testing, like image capture, to test business logic that needs validation. It enables the recording and playback of automated tests hundreds of thousands of times and supports adding or changing test steps to enable quick software update. The record and play approach is the most popular one today and is in the good books of any web-based product. It is also among technologies that reduce software testing downtimes and speed up product delivery. 

A proper solution also allows QA teams to develop and execute software testing without coding knowledge or previous experience. It is more mature and developed, and is continuously evolving with top features like, 

  • AI and ML-powered capabilities to self-heal 
  • Complements code-based testing 
  • Record and playback ability 
  • Connects to CI and cloud 

How to Get Started?

To start with, understand your current testing landscape, challenges, and the right technology that meets your business’s unique requirements. Also, invest in a future-focused platform with an AI component that also have robust analytics and reporting features.  

The best candidates for codeless test automation, at least for a start, are simple tests that validate the basic app functionalities. These include smoke tests or regression tests with clear expectations for easy validation. First consider tests like,  

  • Login validity/invalidity 
  • Provisions for a product purchase 
  • Checking for mandatory fields being filled or not 
  • Check the working of a specific mobile app feature 
  • Verify if an account locks out after specific invalid login attempts 
  • Flexible purchase options or reorders 
  • Check whether new changes work 

On further scaling, a codeless test automation solution can successfully test more complex use cases with more functionalities and features. 

Top Benefits of Codeless Test Automation 

  • Developers can quickly learn codeless test automation procedures and start automating as soon as UI development is ready to match the development cycle. 
  • It only needs low maintenance and is reusable, which can also scale up with growing requirements. 
  • Free up the human potential and help them focus on relevant work. It is also more cost-effective as it does not require developers in UI test creation. 
  • It extends the scope of automation across various platforms, including desktop, web, green screen, mobile, and virtual applications. 
  • Codeless technology record and document every event and act as a visual description of a process and documentation of process execution. 
  • It function as a collaborated, all-in-one solution for automation needs across an organization with little or no hand-over effort from employees. 

While codeless automation is beneficial in all aspects, make sure to chose a solution that aligns with all your requirements and objectives. It should also best-fit your software development life cycle without fail. On a positive note, know that specific codeless test automation solutions are available in the market that perfectly matches your testing framework. 

At Avo, we offer the industry’s best codeless test automation solution that is easy to use and efficient as efficiency can be. Get your free demo to know more about our solution- Avo Assure.

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