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Test Data Management: Challenges and Solution  

TDM challenges

Mobility has created a world of limitless possibilities, and businesses are scrambling to tap them as IoT and mobile-first technologies gain traction. Personal, professional, and commercial communication rely on mobile and web applications. Such developments make a strong case for high-quality applications, which depend on thorough testing. Robust testing, in turn, depends on a reliable test data management system. However, test data management is an arduous task, considering today’s hyper-competitive and complicated digital environment. When it comes to testing their applications and software solutions, organizations face several obstacles. Let’s look at some test data management challenges and their possible solutions.  

Data scarcity for testing

Testing with real-time data is risky as it violates data privacy standards. While enterprises need test data to conduct testing, a lack of actual data hampers progress. Teams can resolve this issue by using dependable automated software to generate production-like test data.

Test data vulnerability

Most testing efforts fail due to poor data quality. Data breaches can be catastrophic as any failure to protect test data from unauthorized actions can cost your company money, have significant legal ramifications, and cause reputational harm. A variety of data masking and de-identification solutions are now available to assist QA professionals in creating safe test environments while adhering to compliance rules.

Storage of test data in a secure manner

Engineers devote significant time and attention to developing test data and selecting appropriate tools for testing. But the storage of test data is often disregarded. Safely storing test data is essential for reusability and auditing. The most general data stores are text files, spreadsheets, RDBMS, and various test data management technologies.

Performance inaccuracy

The success of an application is also determined by a variety of external elements, such as internet connectivity, geographical location, the device used, etc. Most businesses find it challenging to cover all these components. Scaling up QA efforts and installing solutions that allow real-time testing while factoring in external elements is a critical facet of testing.

Managing test data

The sanctity and relevance of test data are paramount for accuracy. A test data approach that ensures all testing is performed using the appropriate dataset can help improve the QA process. It is critical because data managers can guarantee that errors are factual and do not occur because of inaccurate data.

Data ringfencing for automation

Hardcoded data is often used in automated tests to create an ideal test scenario. It is critical to protect the hardcoded data to maintain a robust automated test suite. However, any failure to do so may result in the automated test failing to generate the ideal test scenario.

Back up your database to replay scenarios

Once you have got your data set up the way you want it, consider making a database backup if you need to reproduce the scenarios again. Many organizations spend time and effort generating identical data from scratch when a simple backup can do the trick.

Data from test stubs

If a test interface is unavailable, test stubs can be used to provide expected results from external systems. These stubs return specific outcomes for specific inputs. Knowing and controlling the data used in test stubs is critical for assuring the complete scope of test coverage and validating findings.

Secure information/privacy

The test environments need data that is neither live nor a copy of the production version to comply with data protection laws. If a business copies data from a live environment, it often uses obfuscation methods to manipulate the data and protect the live user base. The alternative is to create a set of test data of your own.

In a world where there is an app for everything, your software products must operate properly and stand out. The first step toward good product performance is the quality of your testing. In the face of numerous test data management challenges, the correct solutions and testing approach will assist you in launching high-quality products into the market.

Avo’s intelligent test data management solution – iTDM integrates with Avo Assure to offer a flawless testing experience. The application comprises various capabilities that securely supply development teams with their required data. The solution assists teams in discovering and creating data subsets for testing. Smaller data sets can be provisioned to minimize overburdening infrastructure and enhance test speed. It also assists test teams in achieving scale compliance by masking data to remove any sensitive information. Contact us to schedule a demo

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