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7 Ways Test Automation Elevates Teams

Test Automation Elevates Teams

Steve Jobs once said “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”  

For software testers, the best tool is test automation. 

Test automation efficiently handles monotonous and recurring tasks. It, therefore, paves the path to greater workflow efficiency, quick release cycles, error-free products, and greater profits. Let’s see the 7 ways how test automation elevates teams. 

  1. Frees employees from tedious tasks 

Test automation relieves employees from performing monotonous, and repetitive tasks that should run continuously for hours and days. By doing so, employees have more control of their time and can decrease their daily workload.  

  1. Empowers employees to increase their value 

By automating repetitive and mundane tasks, automation gives employees more time to focus on improving quality and participate in the strategy. It makes them feel fulfilled and significantly increases confidence as the speed and quality of their work improves.  

  1. Increases contribution 

With no-code automation, test cases get executed at the click of a button. Testers can utilize the extra time to bring further innovation to a project or contribute ideas that add value to the overall product delivery. 

  1. Refocuses training 

Test automation handles complex testing processes and continuously improves with AI and ML. Employees can thus free themselves from hardcore training on testing. Instead, they can train themselves in skills that help them move forward in their career trajectory. 

  1. Reduces job pressure with reduced human errors 

Automation reduces software errors by upwards of 90%. By lowering the risk of errors, test automation removes unnecessary pressure on employees. 

  1. Improves employee morale 

By automating the manual work of testing and improving software quality, employees get time back to grow their skills, contribute ideas and be more creative. 

  1. Gives back time 

Automation does the majority of testing tasks. Employees can thus utilize their extra time for productive work like marketing, growing networking, and winning more prospects. This will help employees involve in multiple growth activities of the company.  

Why should you embrace test automation today? 

Today, numerous studies show that employees with less manual work outperform others who use systems that are not automated. Switching from manual to automation testing today is a great stress reliever. Reducing employee stress also means that an organization is helping employees feel confident, relaxed, and creative. All these factors are known to generate better results.   

At Avo, we believe in building automation solutions that liberate human potential – to that end, we have built the simplest and fastest no-code test automation solution. Its heterogeneous capability and 100% scriptless approach have empowered teams like CNA Financial to achieve digital transformation.  

With Avo, you deliver higher quality products, more reliable customer service, and better profits. To see how Avo can help transform your business, schedule a demo today.  

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