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Avo Automation Announces Continued Momentum Through New Leadership Appointments, Expanded Coverage and Customer Benefits

CINCINNATI – JULY 22, 2022 - Avo Automation, the leading solution for automated software testing and test data management, today announced its continued momentum demonstrated by new leadership appointments, expanded availability and new customer benefits. Avo Automation has appointed Manish Jha as Senior Director, Product Head, Sachin Chandavarkar as Senior Director – Sales (Asia Pacific [...]

Avo for Salesforce

PRODUCT SHEET KEY HIGHLIGHTS Lightning Fast Automation Avo Assure allows you to test Salesforce applications at lightning speed. With its 100% no-code and heterogeneous capabilities, it helps you achieve end-to-end test automation for applications spanning Salesforce and beyond. Learn how in this product sheet. PDF VERSION Build for Reuse With advanced model-based test automation for [...]

The Definitive Guide to Test Data Management

eBook In this hyper-competitive era, faster time-to-market plays a vital role in the success of an organization. Any lag accounts for the 'Cost of delay,' impacting the value a product could create otherwise. This is the primary reason teams are adopting an agile approach to software development, testing, and release. Unfortunately, teams that don't follow [...]

Accelerate Cloud Migration with Test Automation 

Even though the pandemic accelerated the pace of cloud migration, companies had already anticipated the shift. Adopting cloud-based technologies is a strategic move that offers several advantages. As opposed to on-premise infrastructure, the cloud provides a more efficient and secure way to scale operations according to rising demand. It’s much more cost-effective and plays a […]

Ep #1: Manual vs AutomatedTesting

Ep #1: Manual vs Automated Testing Feb 8 , 37 min 12 sec Episode Description In this podcast, Joe Colantonio, who is the founder of Test Guild, walks us through the differences between manual and automated testing. He walks us through the pros and cons of both manual and automated testing and the appropriate scenarios [...]

iTDM Product Sheet

PRODUCT SHEET KEY HIGHLIGHTS We produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data in various forms: social posts, web searches, transactions, etc. (Forbes, 2018). To ensure this data is handled with care and quality, you must be able to test it. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becoming stringent, not using compliant data during testing could [...]

EP #2: The Future of Marketing Automation

EP #2: The Future of Marketing Automation Feb 16, 30 min 08 sec Episode Description In this podcast, Hikari Senju, who is the CEO of Omneky, walks us through the future of Marketing Automation. We will be releasing an episode of "Let's Talk Automation" every single week, with leaders from the world of Technology

A Fortune 500 Medical Manufacturing Company Achieved 65% Cost Savings With Avo

CASE STUDY KEY HIGHLIGHTS Customer A Fortune 500 medical manufacturingcompany The Challenge The customer wanted to establishregulatory and quality standards acrossits diverse business processes involvingSAP, Salesforce, and various otherapplications. The Solution Avo Assure, a no-code and heterogeneous test automation solution, enabled end-to-end test automation with a few clicks of the buttons, delivering higher quality. Business […]

Ep # 3: Demystifying End-to-End Testing

Ep # 3: Demystifying End-to-End Testing Feb 25, 23 min 57 sec Episode Description In this episode of Let's Talk Automation, we spoke to Ahmed El Deeb, who is a Quality Assurance Manager at Amazon. In this episode, Ahmed Demystifies End to End Testing for us.