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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Sheet

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Sheet


The size of the testing automation market is expected to almost double from $28.1 billion in 2023 to over $55 billion in 2028. One reason for this forecast jump is that organizations understand the value of test automation tools: in ensuring application functionality, responsiveness, and usability, and more importantly, in delivering delightful user experiences that can boost their app’s popularity and profitability.

Automation is particularly critical for testing enterprise tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365)

This suite of business applications empowers organizations to minimize operational complexity, control costs, and innovate with confidence. But to ensure that they work flawlessly; regular and end-to-end testing of the entire D365 ecosystem is vital. Testing is also crucial to identify and mitigate the risks created by D365 integrations with other enterprise systems.

However, manual testing is too time-consuming, resource-intensive, and costly. It also cannot keep up with the high velocity and frequency of D365 upgrades and updates. Automation is the best testing approach because it enables fast testing at any frequency and scale, while also minimizing its cost and resource requirements. Automating the testing process with an intelligent platform like Avo Assure helps to optimize the functionality of the D365 environment as its users’ experiences after every update. It also simplifies testing for complex integrations, allowing issues to be fixed early and with minimal impact on real-world business processes or users.

Brought to you by the worldwide leaders of test automation, Avo Assure simplifies end-to-end testing for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This no-code, AI-driven test automation platform facilitates hassle-free, continuous QA of D365, ensuring that all its applications behave as intended and continue to generate robust benefits for your organization.

Key Challenges

Most organizations face three challenges during D365 testing:

Integrations with Ancillary Applications

The applications in the D365 suite can be connected to each other and integrated with many other third-party solutions to extend their capabilities, processes, and business productivity. It’s very difficult to test all these interconnections and their associated complexities at scale with manual testing.

Frequent Updates

Microsoft regularly adds new features and improvements to enhance D365 and to fix known issues. It’s worthwhile to apply these updates to your environment to ensure that you continue to benefit from the application suite. But first, you need to test the updates. Slow manual testing cannot keep up with the speed of updates. It is also prone to errors, which can limit its effectiveness and results.

Test Execution Priority Testing for Specific Functionalities

Effective testing of D365 must cover all its configurations, process flows, privilege levels, business rules, and other complexities. To achieve this objective, the testing team must define specific requirements and test scenarios covering the various configurations. These are all tedious and burdensome tasks if done manually. Automation can ease these challenges. The problem is that very few automated tools exist to simplify these aspects. Even fewer tools support role-based testing or data-driven testing that utilizes Dynamics 365 data structures.

The easiest way to mitigate these challenges is with test automation and Avo Assure.

Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications


Avo Automation: Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

Avo Assure seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, so you can easily implement test automation and achieve continuous QA across your D365 ecosystem.


Avo Assure for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Key Features and Benefits

Avo Assure is tailor-made for testing Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the AI-powered Avo Assure in your testing arsenal, you get unparalleled testing efficiency and accuracy, plus improved software quality and usability:

1. Codeless Testing Automation:

Capture the power of no-code testing automation to quickly create test cases and record your test steps for D365, regardless of your technical expertise.

2. Reusable Test Assets:

Reuse test cases as many times as you want to save time, enable faster feedback, expand test coverage and quality, and effectively support your agile and DevOps practices.

3. Pre-built Testing Templates:

Our library of [add] pre-built D365 test templates dozens of business scenarios across D365 applications. Use these templates to save effort, expedite testing, and boost testing efficiency and results.

4. AI-powered Test Maintenance:

Avo Assure synergizes automation and AI to streamline your D365 testing processes and eliminate common bottlenecks. With Avo Assure, you can auto-generate test cases and diversify use cases, simplify impact analysis and test case maintenance, and benefit from test case self-healing.

No-code Test

No-code Test

Test Maintenance

Continuous Test Execution

Test Execution

RapidTest Creation and Execution

The Avo Genius smart recorder will help you to quickly create test cases for D365. Any user can create test cases with Avo Genius, regardless of technical expertise, thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can also reuse test cases to save time and boost testing productivity.

Talk about e2e business process testing

Test all your D365 applications and fix all discovered errors in a single sprint. Avo Assure makes it easy to conduct end-to-end D365 testing while reducing risks and ensuring on-time delivery.

Testing for All Integrations and Customizations

Regardless of how many D365 components, customizations, and integrations you use, you can easily test and validate all of them with Avo Assure. Plus, there’s no need to switch between different testing tools so you can maximize testing speed and minimize testing hassles.

Seamless CI/CD Integrations

Seamless integration with numerous CI/CD tools simplifies D365 testing at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline.

Automated Impact Analysis

With Avo Assure, it’s easy to identify the test cases affected by D365 updates and simplify test suite maintenance. Moreover, its self-heal feature will autonomously detect and resolve failures, reducing failure rates and optimizing your D365 testing workflows.

Benefits of Avo Assure for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Test Automation

Easy, fast, end-to-end testing

Avo Assure makes it easy to test your entire D365 ecosystem from start to finish using a single platform and its integrated capabilities.

Keep pace with new D365 updates and rollouts

Jumpstart your D365 testing journey and implement continuous QA, regardless of the pace of updates and rollouts, with Avo Assure.

Faster test execution

Quickly execute tests in parallel or in distributed fashion to significantly reduce test execution time.

Lower cost of testing

Avo Assure automates D365 testing, thus minimizing the need for manual testing and significantly reducing testing costs.

Eliminates communication siloes

Integrate Avo Assure with your DevOps processes, CI/CD pipelines, and other tools to enable seamless collaborations and efficient testing of every D365 application.

Data-driven testing and decision-making

Execute Avo with your data sources to enable data-driven testing and enhance test coverage. Avo Assure also includes real-time reporting and analytics to help you take data-driven decisions and continuously improve your D365 testing strategy over time.

Get Started with Avo Assure for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover the power of AI-driven test automation across your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem with Avo Assure. And learn how this world-class test automation platform can help you to elevate the usability and quality of your D365 apps. Contact the Avo team to get started.

Technical Specifications

Design and Maintenance

  • Visual test design
  • DOM – Document Object Model
  • Augmented with smart recorder to automatically capture test scenarios
  • Pre-built keywords simplify test case creation
  • Shared object and
    test repository
  • Test data input automation
  • Debug and reporting support
  • Visual assertion to heal the automation script

Client Platform Support

  • Web-based
  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • SAP – ECC, S4/HANA, SuccessFactors, Fiori, Ariba, NetWeaver
  • Oracle – EBS, Fusion Cloud
  • Mainframe via emulation
  • API – web services
  • Databases
  • Salesforce
  • Guidewire
  • Microsoft Dynamics
    and more…

Integration Support

  • Visual test design
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Microfocus – QC/ALM
  • qTest
  • Azure DevOps
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Amazon Mobile Farm
  • Sauce Labs
  • Zephyr
  • Open APIs also enable additional integrations
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