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GUI Test Automation: Why, how, and what

GUI Test Automation

Your software’s user interface or front-end is the most crucial element since it’s the first part end-users interact with. Well-designed UI that functions optimally can raise conversion rates by up to 200%. On the other hand, clunky UI that fails to perform on different browsers and platforms can eventually alienate your audience and push them away. As a business, this can spell trouble. To ensure a flawless and streamlined consumer experience, it’s essential to test and validate the different components of your UI. GUI test automation is used to determine whether all the elements of the application UI are performing correctly. 

In this case, till not long ago, manual testing was the norm. Testers would click through every aspect of the software to verify all the data and action flows. While this approach worked at a small scale, data-loaded, complex applications would often be riddled with UI bugs at the end of the cycle. Manual testing was erroneous, unscalable, repetitive, and time-consuming. The technical debt accrued here would often mount to delayed releases and monetary losses. 

As a result, organizations today have resorted to using GUI automation tools to suit their rapid development models and short release cycles. The World Quality Report states that 60% of organizations found it easier to detect defects in software using test automation solutions. In comparison, another 54% saw shorter testing cycles and quicker market release times. 

Why do you Need GUI Testing Tools? 

Software development relies on a layered architecture approach. The bottom layers control the back-end, while the front-end components are wrapped in the UI. GUI testing helps check whether the back and front ends of the application are connected and responding. Here are some other uses of graphical user interface testing tools. 

● GUI testing enables testers to test the UI from the user’s perspective, giving them better visibility into its performance on different platforms and browsers. 

● GUI testing ensures that every aspect of the UI is functioning as planned, giving you unmatched control over product quality. From the sidebars and menus to the fonts and images, each detail is tested and verified. 

● A top-notch software product must comply with the industry standard for icons and elements. GUI testing validates the sizes and colors of text boxes and buttons, controls, and hyperlinks. 

● Automated GUI testing enables you to implement continuous testing to identify risks and defects early in the development cycle. This helps save time and human resources that might have otherwise been spent on rewriting code and retesting elements. 

What are the Advantages of GUI Automation Tools? 

While the numbers above clearly show that automated testing is head and shoulders above manual testing in terms of results, here’s a list of other factors that give it an edge. 

Shorter Testing Cycles

When the UI testing process is automated, testers become empowered to run tests 24/7 without manual intervention. This frees them up to focus on more productive tasks, thus decreasing the length of the testing cycle. 

Lower Error Margins

One of the biggest nails in the coffin of manual testing is its propensity for overlooking errors and bugs. Graphical user interface testing tools automate the process, identifying most errors without requiring frequent manual intervention. 

Faster Regression Testing

GUI automated testing increases test coverage and enables testers to test whether the addition of new codes and programs has affected the performance of the existing functionalities. In manual testing, this testing methodology takes a very long time. 

Easier Code Reusability

Code reusability saves time and effort for organizations of all sizes. You can launch multiple products quickly and more affordably because test scripts can be reused numerous times. 

Why is Avo Assure an Ideal GUI Test Automation Solution?

The success of automated testing depends a lot on the GUI testing tools used. The market is saturated with testing solutions making it hard to pick one. It would be best to go with a comprehensive automation solution that covers all the necessary features. Avo Assure, with its no-code and heterogeneous capabilities, offers seamless GUI test automation. Furthermore, with features like intuitive reporting, smart-scheduling, reusability, and accessibility testing, Avo Assure can empower teams of any size to test efficiently. For one of the Fortune 500 manufacturers, Avo helped reduce manual effort in their testing cycle by 30%. This enabled the organization to launch its portal faster and gain 8% additional revenue from its services business. 

Schedule a demo today to learn how Avo Assure can help you develop a more effective GUI testing strategy. 

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