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Fortune 500 Manufacturer Gets to Market 5x Faster and Improves SAP Application Quality

Test automation for manufacturing



The Industry


The Challenge

The company’s IT team wanted a test automation solution to handle its dynamic business processes backed by heterogeneous ERP applications.

The Solution

Avo Assure, a robust test automation solution, eliminated manual testing and offered 100% automation, ensuring high quality software in a quick span.


  • Reduced testing efforts to a click of a button
  • Decreased manual effort & reduced the overall testing cost by 45%
  • Increased automation coverage by 93%
  • Increased First-time Right ratio by 90%
  • Sped up the time to market 5X faster


This manufacturing company has highly dynamic, complex business processes, including mergers, acquisitions, and business carve-outs.

These processes are held together by a highly integrated ERP system with more than 10 SAP instances and at least 80 non-SAP business applications. Some non-SAP applications include Salesforce CRM, PLM, SharePoint, legacy apps, mobile apps, and web apps.

For a company to accommodate its ever-changing business process, the IT team needs resilient operations to evolve and align with the latest business changes. Hence, every merger or carve- out requires a respective change in their business applications.

The current system posed the following challenges:

  • Provisioning to all the IT changes, small and significant, was a time-consuming task. Since 85% of the testing process was manual, the team spent thousands of hours quality-assuring application after application. A minute change in the core enterprise business process required repetitive cycles of integration testing and regression testing
  • Inconsistent results of manual testing delayed the time to market for the latest features to be available.
  • Manual application testing perpetuated lower productivity and higher costs in person-hours and IT infrastructure.
  • The current test automation tool did not cover the entire expanse of the system and was inefficient in cross-application testing. It cost IT more than the ROI.
  • The ever-changing business needs and dynamic integration requirements took a toll on the existing test automation tool due to complicated maintenance and script upkeep.


Realizing the above setbacks, this manufacturing company decided to opt for a new generation test automation solution that could seamlessly handle its evolving business dynamics.



Avo Assure, a powerful solution for automation testing with versatile capabilities, offered unique value. Here’s how:

With more than 1400 pre-built keywords, Avo Assure eliminated manual testing and ensured 100% automation across environments. What took weeks or months of effort, now expedited to a few days through the no-code capabilities.

The no-code approach also enabled people with business knowledge to act as citizen developers and perform automation testing themselves. This partly took the load off the IT team and boosted productivity.

Functionalities of high-quality, not prone to human errors, were delivered on time. Avo Assure extended the test coverage for heterogeneous (SAP and non-SAP) enterprise applications. The team could carry out end-to-end automation testing without additional efforts.

100% automation also meant limited maintenance and minimal effort for upkeep, which made the life of developers and testers easy.

Apart from these, Avo Assure being SAP S/4 HANA-ready, also enabled extraordinary enterprise transformation.


  • Increased automation coverage: The automation coverage increased from less than 10% to 93%. Avo Assure, being simple to use, enabled both technology and business users to test applications and increase application delivery volume.
  • Improved quality: Replacing manual testing with 100% automation improved the overall development quality. It also assured continuous delivery since bugs were found automatically and fixed in the early stages of development.
  • Increased delivery speed: Due to a drastic reduction in testing reworks and overlaps, the time to market was 5X faster.
  • Improved first-time right ration First-time Right ratio shot up to 90% due to higher test effectiveness, test coverage, and accelerated productivity.
  • Decreased manual effort: The effort for regression testing decreased by 30%, which reduced the overall testing cost by 45%. This played a significant role in maximizing ROI through automation.
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