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How does Avo Automation pricing match up to competitors?

When compared to our competitors, Avo Automation is disruptively affordable. To start using automation with our competitors, you’d need a $10,000 minimum investment up front. With Avo Automation, you can start at $99/month.

Does automation kill jobs?

When automation is designed intentionally with people at the center, it doesn’t replace workers — it makes their work more interesting and enjoyable. Because Avo Automation tools are highly visual and affordable, you don’t have to make any sacrifices with your team. You can just let them eliminate the menial tasks and focus on the more strategic parts of their jobs.

Do I need a technical team to implement Avo Automation?

Avo Automation tools are highly visual and user friendly. You don’t need a highly technical team to use Avo.

How can I convince my company automation is important when it’s reluctant to change?

Lead by example. Avo Automation’s highly visual nature can help small teams adopt new systems with relatively little disruption. Start small and prove automation helps your team be more productive and engaged. Then, convince your leadership with the evidence.