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Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Simplifies Testing Procedures using Avo Assure


Customer Overview

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. is dedicated to enhancing everyday life through its innovative household and personal care products. With a rich history spanning over a century, Church & Dwight has established itself as a trusted provider of quality solutions for consumers around the globe. Driven by a mission to deliver products that meet the diverse needs of modern lifestyles, Church & Dwight prides itself on its commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations. At Church & Dwight, customer satisfaction is paramount, which also signals how quality assurance plays a key role in product releases. By consistently delivering high-quality, reliable products that enhance well-being and convenience, the company fosters lasting relationships with consumers worldwide. Through innovation, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Church & Dwight remains dedicated to enriching lives and creating value for its customers now and in the future.

Customer Testimonial

“For almost a year, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. has used Avo Assure to streamline testing, saving time and enhancing efficiency. The intuitive AI-driven platform, along with excellent support from the Avo team, facilitated smooth implementation and ongoing success. We’re thankful for the partnership and eager to utilize Avo Assure for future testing projects.”

– Praty Poondla, Engineering Head, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Customer Challenges

Before implementing automation, Church & Dwight utilized a diverse range of software applications across its operations, including SAP ECC, Service Now, Agile PLM, Customer Profitability, Agilab, and Salesforce Service Cloud. These applications served various functions within the organization, encompassing IT service management, product lifecycle management, customer profitability analysis, laboratory management, and customer relationship management, respectively. However, the testing processes for these applications relied predominantly on manual efforts, leading to challenges such as resource overload, limited test coverage, and slower testing cycles. With Avo Assure, they can now enable continuous testing, which eliminates QA bottlenecks in their agile delivery model. This helps them optimize testing processes, enhance quality assurance, and ultimately deliver superior software solutions to customers. A few of the noticeable challenges they had faced were:

Manual Regression Testing Burden:

The reliance on manual regression testing demanded the full allocation of testing resources, constituting 100% of the effort. This exhaustive manual process strained resources and hindered the organization’s ability to swiftly test new features, leading to potential delays in updates and enhancements.

Resource Allocation Strain:

The allocation of resources solely to manual testing imposed significant financial burdens on the organization. With 100% resource allocation to manual efforts, there was limited room for optimization and potential cost savings, hindering the organization’s overall financial health and operational efficiency.

Test Coverage Gaps and Escalating Defects:

Despite achieving a commendable test coverage of 90%, manual testing often failed to detect critical defects. This limitation resulted in a higher likelihood of defects slipping through to production, potentially compromising the customer experience and eroding trust in the organization’s products and services.

Limited Feedback Loop:

The absence of an efficient feedback loop hindered the organization’s ability to gather insights from testing efforts and incorporate feedback into future iterations of its software. This lack of feedback impeded the organization’s ability to continuously improve its software solutions and meet evolving customer needs effectively.

Test Maintenance Mayhem:

Alongside the manual testing overload, the organization grappled with the challenge of test maintenance. With manual testing efforts consuming 100% of testing resources, the burden of managing a vast array of test cases was compounded by the need for continuous updates and adjustments to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of test suites. This exhaustive process not only strained personnel resources but also limited the organization’s capacity to thoroughly test its software applications, potentially resulting in overlooked defects and compromised quality.

Lack of Parallel Execution:

Another challenge faced by Church & Dwight in its software testing processes was the limitation of parallel execution. With manual testing consuming 100% of resources, the organization struggled to execute tests simultaneously across multiple environments or platforms. This lack of parallel execution capability hindered the speed and efficiency of testing cycles, prolonging the time required to validate software changes and slowing down the overall software development lifecycle. As a result, the organization faced delays in delivering updates and enhancements, impacting its agility and responsiveness to customer needs

Avo Effect

The adoption of Avo Assure yielded significant improvements in testing processes and outcomes, such as:

  • Time Savings: Automation reduced testing efforts by 75%, allowing resources to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Increased Test Coverage: Achieved 90% test coverage with Avo Assure, ensuring thorough validation of software functionalities and decreasing defects in production.
  • Defect Detection: Efficient defect detection with more than 80% accuracy, enhancing overall software quality and reliability.
  • Increased Release Confidence: High-quality test coverage and efficient defect detection boosted confidence in software releases.

Avo Solution

Church & Dwight Co. implemented Avo Assure to address these challenges and simplify their testing processes effectively. Key features and outcomes of the implementation include:

Automation of Test Enterprise Platforms

Automation of Test Enterprise Platforms

Avo Assure's AI-driven no-code test creation interface helped the team to rapidly develop test cases and implement test automation in no time. Additionally, Avo's accelerator kits with a pre-built library of test cases helped them speed up this process further.

Enhanced Test Coverage

Enhanced Test Coverage

Avo Assure helped the team map their test cases through a detailed mind map, which enabled them to monitor and increase their test coverage and reduce defect slippage.

Integration with Azure DevOps

Avo, being a certified Azure partner, was able to integrate seamlessly with Azure DevOps, which helped the team efficiently manage their testing processes during their development lifecycle.

Regression Testing and Parallel Testing

Regression Testing and Parallel Testing

The team of C&D was able to automate their regression test cycles and run their test automation in parallel on Avo Assure. This helped them cut down their QA testing time by half and improved their defect detection rate. With rapid regression testing, they were able to improve the overall quality of their applications.

Parallel Execution

Parallel Execution

Avo Assure's parallel execution enabled streamlined testing at scale by distributing test cases across multiple environments simultaneously, accelerating feedback and enhancing software quality.

Enhanced Feedback Loop

The platform provided a user-friendly interface for generating detailed test reports, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues.

End-to-end Business Process Testing

Avo Assure's support for multiple technologies across all platforms helped the team of C&D automate their testing across all their business processes and improve their customer experience.

Enhanced Risk Reduction on Mission Critical Systems

Avo Assure implementation significantly reduced the risk associated with mission-critical systems like Service Now and Salesforce Service Cloud. By automating testing processes, the organization gained greater confidence in the reliability and stability of these systems, mitigating the potential for downtime, data loss, or operational disruptions.

Driving Business Agility

After automation implementation, Church & Dwight can swiftly adapt to business needs by leveraging technology. With Azure DevOps integration and 90% automated test coverage, the organization responds quickly to market demands. Regression testing and easy test maintenance via Avo Assure enabled efficient software adjustments, ensuring Church & Dwight remains agile and competitive.


Church & Dwight Co., Inc.’s experience with Avo Assure underscores the transformative impact of test automation on testing processes and outcomes. By embracing automation, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. achieved substantial efficiency gains, enhanced software quality, and improved decision-making. Avo Assure emerges as a vital asset in the company’s pursuit of excellence.

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