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Ep #1: Manual vs Automated Testing Feb 8 , 37 min 12 sec Episode Description In this podcast, Joe Colantonio, who is the founder of Test Guild, walks us through the differences between manual and automated testing. He walks us through the pros and cons of both manual and automated testing and the appropriate scenarios [...]
EP #2: The Future of Marketing Automation Feb 16, 30 min 08 sec Episode Description In this podcast, Hikari Senju, who is the CEO of Omneky, walks us through the future of Marketing Automation. We will be releasing an episode of "Let's Talk Automation" every single week, with leaders from the world of Technology
Ep # 3: Demystifying End-to-End Testing Feb 25, 23 min 57 sec Episode Description In this episode of Let's Talk Automation, we spoke to Ahmed El Deeb, who is a Quality Assurance Manager at Amazon. In this episode, Ahmed Demystifies End to End Testing for us.