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Manual and automated testing

Ep 1 of Let’s talk automation with Joe Colantonio   With software becoming a prominent part of our lives, ensuring its top-quality is the onus of today’s organizations. Software testing empowers teams to deliver this promise with confidence. In this episode of Avo Automation’s podcast, ‘Let’s talk automation,’ we will demystify the differences between manual and […]

Predictions 2022

“We’ll experience more progress in the next decade than in the past 100 years combined, as technology reshapes every other industry,” says entrepreneur and futurist Peter Diamandis. Especially with the Covid-19 debacle, the adoption of digital technologies has only become more prominent. Automation increases this adoption and thus, forms the primary pillar of the fourth industrial […]

QA Interview questions

We have something for you if you are looking for interview questions on test automation. It would have been great to read minds and give you the exact questions, but we have the next best thing! Here is a list of questions and answers on QA automation that will provide you with a head start […]

Manual Vs Automated

Test automation has become immensely popular among testers in recent times. What drives this popularity? Customer demands are constantly changing in today’s fluid software development environment. So, software companies need to ensure they deliver high-quality software solutions in minimal time to keep their customers satisfied. The recent COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this process. Since test […]

7 software testing companies in the USA

Software development companies worldwide are jostling to capture space in the market while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Only thorough testing and stringent quality assurance protocols can guarantee the quality required by applications to achieve their goals. While many businesses build in-house teams for testing and QA purposes, the lack of industry-relevant expertise […]

Test Case Be Automated

It’s the age of automation today. So, while unfolding your software toolkit, a test automation solution is one of the most valuable tools your hands can get on. The key is to formulate the best plans so that automation becomes a valuable asset to your testing team. Deciding on the appropriate test cases is crucial […]


The software industry has become super-competitive. With so many stakeholders involved in the market, software companies are compelled to shore up their internal processes to be able to compete profitably. This means building better quality products with fewer bugs and updated features in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, manual testing isn’t cut out for […]


With the global automation testing market poised to touch $35 billion by 2026, it’s clear that organizations are shifting to automated testing. And for a good reason.  After all, automation testing does offer a host of benefits, including increased test coverage, better ROI, faster development cycles, cost savings, and more. Moreover, automated tests can also help […]

Shift Left Testing

In many cases, projects run out of time not because of an incorrect planning, but the inefficient way the code is tested. Testing a software product for bugs should happen at earlier stages because the earlier, the cheaper. Besides, it immensely saves time and resources. In a traditional testing process, engineers perform software testing towards […]