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Automation test plan

Without a well-thought-out plan to automate your tests, your investment in automated testing technology may not deliver a healthy ROI. Failing to plan may become planning to fail. The most critical consideration in planning testing automation is to start early in the SDLC, also known as the “Shift-Left Approach.” In the traditional waterfall development model, […]

Test automation worth

Imagine giving the go-ahead to your customer to use a newly released software that they have been waiting to deploy for weeks. The company has vital business needs that the software has to solve and meet ROI expectations for the software. And then, critical bugs crop up in the first few days of the software’s […]

Test automation effort

3Cs drive agile development. They are collaboration, coordination, and communication. Agile is an ideal example of close teamwork to generate exceptional value for the customer. Nothing significant occurs in agile without these 3Cs, including test planning and automation.  Agile is also customer-centric. Deliverables are defined as distinct features and functions that the end customer sees value […]

Convert manual tests to automated

Software developers worldwide are adopting a more agile approach to their work. According to the State of Testing report, 92% of respondents claim to follow the agile methodology in their development process. This rise in agile adoption has coincided with test automation, as more firms look to shorten development cycles and achieve quicker market releases. The […]

Negative test cases

The primary goal of any developer is to build a quality product that will fulfill all business requirements and meet the end-users expectations. They require a solid quality assurance process that prioritizes finding as many bugs and defects as possible to achieve this goal. This means writing test cases and designing test scenarios that check […]

End-to-end testing

Have you ordered a meal using a food ordering app? You’d be aware of the usual steps involved: open the app, login, select a meal, pay, place your order, receive confirmation from the restaurant – all done in 3–4 minutes. These are followed by food preparation, tracking, and delivery. This real-life scenario is an end-to-end […]

When is regression testing required

In a cut-throat competitive software market, developers update old features, add new functionalities, and remove as many bugs as possible. So, they are frequently adding new lines of code or tweaking old ones. But, here is the catch. Even a minor code tweak can cause unexpected consequences in other areas of the software. Seemingly insignificant […]

How to select regression test cases

Software often changes due to additional source code, new security patches, or functionality updates. But these changes need to be verified via regression tests. So, what is regression testing?  Regression Testing Explained Regression tests ensure that the previous functionalities of software continue to operate after adding new ones. Any changes in the source code of […]

Marketing automation

Podcast 2 with Hikari Senju  Did you know that 62% of small businesses fail with their Facebook advertising, and 47% of advertising performance is based on the ad creative?   In today’s episode of Let’s Talk Automation, we will reveal the secrets of how Automation helps you win at your ad campaigns and reshape the future […]

Manual and automated testing

Ep 1 of Let’s talk automation with Joe Colantonio   With software becoming a prominent part of our lives, ensuring its top-quality is the onus of today’s organizations. Software testing empowers teams to deliver this promise with confidence. In this episode of Avo Automation’s podcast, ‘Let’s talk automation,’ we will demystify the differences between manual and […]