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Test Data Management

Test data management is fast becoming the primary focus of software companies. Behind this growth in interest are two significant reasons.  First, tightening compliance and regulatory standards has forced organizations to look deeper into their test data management practices. Second, monetary losses due to poor testing, post-release defects, and regulatory fines also play a role.  If […]

Codeless test automation and its benefits are rapidly changing the testing landscape. The software environment embraces codeless technology to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce development costs. The software test automation domain is no exception. Today, codeless is the next big step in test automation.   What is Codeless Test Automation?  In a codeless test automation […]

Best practices

When organizations operate in agile environments, the demand for relevant production-grade test data grows, making organizations spend more time on test data collection. This data search often delays software delivery. Good test data management is one of the most acceptable practices for successful software quality assurance, especially when performing integration and functional testing on large […]

Why Test Data Management

For a leader in the IT industry, a thorough understanding of the software development life cycle is imperative. This understanding must be tempered with the knowledge of software testing and its various implications. A rigorous, high-stakes testing process depends on quality, timely, and contextualized data for its efficacy. Test data management (TDM) ensures that the […]

TDM challenges

Mobility has created a world of limitless possibilities, and businesses are scrambling to tap them as IoT and mobile-first technologies gain traction. Personal, professional, and commercial communication rely on mobile and web applications. Such developments make a strong case for high-quality applications, which depend on thorough testing. Robust testing, in turn, depends on a reliable […]

As we all know, automation is a magic key to solving most QA problems – only when implemented correctly. Automation is worth it when approached with realistic goals, the right tools, and the right mindset. However, there are many challenges to overcome while transitioning to automation. Even if the best test automation practices are applied, some shortcomings […]

User Interface

User interface(UI) test automation is becoming more vital today as customer demands evolve, continually pushing enterprises to update application requirements and user interface (UI). The moment users enter a website, whatever they might do, is likely to do, or call for any service, is part of the UI. Malfunction of any UI action impacts customer […]

Enterprises need to innovate relentlessly to keep customers happy. Investing in technologies to automate test cases is worth taking a chance on this cause. In a world where software testing is the backbone of business-critical applications, test automation improves operational efficiency, performance, quality, and speed. Having cost-effective automation testing processes in your software development cycle is always […]