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As we all know, automation is a magic key to solving most QA problems – only when implemented correctly. Automation is worth it when approached with realistic goals, the right tools, and the right mindset. However, there are many challenges to overcome while transitioning to automation. Even if the best test automation practices are applied, some shortcomings […]

User interface(UI) test automation is becoming more vital today as customer demands evolve, continually pushing enterprises to update application requirements and user interface (UI). The moment users enter a website, whatever they might do, is likely to do, or call for any service, is part of the UI. Malfunction of any UI action impacts customer […]

Enterprises need to innovate relentlessly to keep customers happy. Investing in technologies to automate test cases is worth taking a chance on this cause. In a world where software testing is the backbone of business-critical applications, test automation improves operational efficiency, performance, quality, and speed. Having cost-effective automation testing processes in your software development cycle is always […]

Integration testing

Each software undergoes rigorous testing to meet the high-quality assurance standards before reaching the market. Integration testing is the second step in the quality assurance process, conducted after the unit tests. This blog will cover the basics of integration testing, its advantages, and best practices. We’ll also learn why using test automation is a must […]

Today, we cannot imagine a world without software. It’s the engine that powers modern business and livelihood. And if that engine isn’t working smoothly, it can cost a business millions in productivity. For instance, Facebook, well now Meta, had a bout of downtime earlier this year. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram all went down. It was […]

automation test coverage

Test automation plays a crucial role in today’s fast-paced software development world. It enables companies to release their products faster by improving efficiency, speeding up the test cycle, and detecting bugs early.  But how does one measure the effectiveness of test automation? What calculations are needed to check whether the test automation solution gives optimal […]

test automation for Salesforce

Salesforce has become the premier cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for global enterprises worldwide. Over 88% of Fortune 100 companies use at least one Salesforce app. It’s an integrated solution that offers an end-to-end system for companies to connect with their customers. But as is the case with almost every cloud-based SaaS product, the success […]

Future of automation testing

Over 90% of companies have adopted test automation, completely or partially, as a part of their integrated QA approach. This rise can be attributed to a more competitive market with hundreds of companies jostling for space. There’s relentless pressure to develop faster and better. But without automation testing in place, companies are driven to make a trade-off […]

Gap analysis

Even though agile and DevOps methodologies profess increased collaboration between different departments during software development, a clear divide exists between the developers and testers. This lack of communication is the root cause of new code remaining untested or inadequately tested. Unfortunately, untested new code is also the biggest source of bugs and defects, increasing the organization’s technical […]


The growth spurt in the software testing market has coincided with the increased adoption of automated testing methodologies. A study by Global Market Insights suggests that the testing market will grow at a 7% CAGR between 2021 and 2027, with the 2020 US$ 40 billion value as the base. A significant driver of this growth is ‘rising […]