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Automated Accessibility Testing: Core benefits and features

Automated Accessibility Testing

According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the population have one or form of disability. This data significantly drives the importance of Accessibility Testing in the current world. Meaning, it’s not only the right thing to do to make applications more accessible from an inclusive perspective but also makes business sense in doing so. 

Since businesses need to make applications accessible to everyone, accessibility test automation is the best way to meet user expectations. 

Before discussing the benefits, let’s first discuss the factors you need to include in your application to make it accessible. 

Important Accessibility Features to Consider

Voice inputs – For people with mobility and visual impairments to interact with an application.

Accessible websites enable users to access all content and functionality like links, forms, media controls, etc., through keyboard-assisted technologies.

Visible keyboard focus – By making Keyboard focus visible through following a logical order within the page elements. It can be a border or highlight that moves as a user tab through the web page.

Resize text – To support people who need enlarged web content to read or see. Also, other people need improved aspects like font, space between lines, etc.  

Color Contrast ratio – To help people who cannot read texts if the contrast between texts and background is insufficient. For example, light grey text on a bright background. 

Captions and subtitles – To assist people with hearing impairments. It applies mainly to audio/video content. 

Core Benefits of Automated End-to-end Accessibility Testing 

Offers Thorough Integration 

End-to-end accessibility test automation gives you a well-integrated platform that helps develop more efficient features to meet market requirements. The integrated testing approach helps you test an application with all software components put together. End-to-end accessibility test automation solutions also have more potential to mimic various user interactions than a human employee.  

Help You Understand System Dependencies 

By deploying end-to-end accessibility test automation, your software engineers can identify system dependencies seamlessly and ensure that the correct information flows between various systems components. 

Enables Quick-Detection of Accessibility Issues 

Automated accessibility testing helps you successfully scan web pages and detect accessibility issues. It also provides a detailed report. This technique is better than usual scanning solutions that point to bugs in a single, long report alone. 

Offer Capabilities to Test Specific User Interactions 

Solutions that enable automated accessibility testing record specific user interactions or patterns. This helps software engineers automatically re-running them on the page to avoid multiple tests. 

At Avo Automation, we give you the industry’s first end-to-end automated accessibility testing solution. It helps you deliver applications with seamless usage and reduce testing time for quick software delivery. Besides assuring you technical capabilities mentioned above, Avo solutions also provide numerous benefits, given below. 

Why Choose Avo for Accessibility Testing

Unmatched Coverage   

Avo Assure – Avo’s no-code test automation enables you to test heterogeneous applications and achieve end-to-end testing. With Avo Assure, you can achieve over 90% test automation coverage.

Actionable Insights  

Avo’s auto-generated, simple reports immensely save time besides making evaluations much simpler. Quick and actionable insights will additionally drive improvement and innovation as relevant information is available within a few clicks.  

Advanced Technology Usability  

By offering quick-release capabilities, it supports the seamless launch of new and advanced technology with better accessibility.

Frees up Employees for Innovation

Above all, Avo Assure frees up your employees from doing repetitive, mundane tasks. Instead, it helps them focus on relevant activities that drive customer satisfaction, customer experience, and self-improvement.  


Automated testing solutions can free up the QA team from manually testing every part of a new application. Though accessibility testing still requires human intervention, Avo Assure makes accessibility testing more efficient. It’s the new key to making applications accessible to everyone, a factor that makes your business dear to customers.  

A well-rounded, holistic testing approach to accessibility testing with automation is the best way to ensure quality. Ensuring break-free accessibility drives the wide-spread acceptability of your application and an automated testing solution is what you need to achieve that. To see how Avo can help, schedule a demo today.

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