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Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company Reduces Project Costs by 25%

Test Automation for manufacturing industry



The Industry


The Challenge

The company wanted to build a digital customer service portal in a quick span to enable customers and field technicians to collaborate easily.

The Solution

Avo Assure, a unique test automation solution automated the entire manual testing process and ensured the high-quality portal was ready in the stipulated time.


  • Increased additional revenues from service business by 8%
  • Reduced manual efforts by 30%
  • Decreased overall project cost by 25%


Manufacturing companies primarily focus on initial product sales and tend to overlook the opportunities of post-sale services. Offering post-sale support
services enable companies to increase customer engagement, enhance product features by gathering performance insights, and most importantly — generate additional streams of revenue.

Upon considering these factors, this manufacturing company decided to build a digital customer service portal leveraging Oracle Service Cloud. This portal would enable customers and field technicians to easily collaborate after their initial solution was implemented.

The IT team wanted to implement Oracle Service Cloud as quickly as possible but there were several challenges they had to overcome.

During the initial phases of development, the team relied on manual testing and had the following challenges:

The defect injection rate for each sprint of the development process was 20%, which meant functionalities of poor quality in each sprint.

These defects were pushed to the next sprint every time, causing a rippling effect, which delayed the time to market by 3–4 sprints.

Manual testing was done on a risk-based model and did not cover all the test scenarios. As a result, the system failed to work in unison during sprint demos.

The developers and business analysts spent a considerable amount of time in rework, which was unproductive.


Avo Assure — a one-of-a-kind test automation product, offering an all-pervasive testing platform resolved the teams’ QA challenges by:

  • Achieving 100% QA automation: With 1400+ pre-built keywords, Avo Assure reduced all testing efforts to a click of a button. The easy-to-use UI further enabled citizen developers to perform test automation.
  • Greater quality and expedited time to market: The defect rate decreased to 2–3%, signifying less rework efforts. As a result, each sprint delivered high-quality functionalities. Due to zero technical debt, the portal reached the market in the stipulated time.
  • Provided a stable system: Test automation helped achieve continuous testing and continuous deployment by establishing a stable system integrated into the Azure pipeline.


Increased quality:
With zero defects, the product was of high quality, which resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction; this further opened up new business arenas.

Decreased manual effort:
Intelligent test automation minimized the manual effort by 30%, which reduced the overall project cost by 25%.

Increased delivery Speed:
Each sprint and the final release was successfully delivered on time, which paved the way for an increased revenue stream from the services business by 8%.

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