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Annalisa Camarillo featured in the Forbes Ignite Report: C-level Women in Sustainability

Annalisa Camarillo featured in the Forbes Report

On June 21 and 22, 2021, seven powerful women leaders gathered in an online dialogue to explore the undeniable contribution of female leadership to sustainability and how to inspire the next generation.

This is their story.

Sustainability is a discipline that only leadership can build. You can have the best budget, the smartest team, and the newest technology – but without the ability to understand people, their motivations and priorities, you won’t be successful. Sustainability leaders need to convince people to follow a direction that usually goes against the mainstream and business as usual. That new vision often has real costs.

Without empathetic leadership, sustainability strategies will falter. That is one reason why, our panelists said, women are so successful as sustainability leaders. Their capacity to understand, connect with others and nurture complex webs of relationships is key.

“Women help contribute to building psychological safety, creating safe trusting, nurturing environments,” said Jyoti Chopra, SVP, Chief People, Inclusion, and Sustainability Officer at MGM Resorts. “Sustainability has grown more achievable today because we have access to better ways for improving the planet, caring for people, and as a result growing profit. When you balance all three, you create a virtuous cycle of benefits,” said Annalisa Camarillo, SVP & CMO at Avo Automation.

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